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Find out all about Year 5 at Homefield Primary School.

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  • Egg-citing stuff!

    Published 28/03/18, by Scarlett Everett

    Well another term is over and what a busy time we've had these last few weeks!

    Today we delivered our Easter cards to local residents and I was very pleased to hear that the office had recieved a call from someone who was so delighted to have received a card from us and had said that it had made her day! (Look guys- indirect/reported speech!) Well done!

    I think the highlight has to be our trip to West Stow last week. The children were so amazed to see all the Anglo-Saxon artefacts in the museum as well as the recreated houses that the Anglo-Saxons would have lived in. They started the week with lots of questions about the Anglo-Saxons and they now know most of the answers thanks to this rich resource! We even had time at the end of the day to follow the Beowulf and Grendel trail around the grounds to find beautiful hand-carved statues and figures relating to the Beowulf story. Keep an eye out in the Photo Gallery for pictures from our trip.


    We were pleased to welcome Mr Bartram (a parent) to school on Monday who came and spoke to us about what it is like to work for a newspaper. We found out lots about what it is like to work for the Great Yarmouth Mercury and were also inspired by the fact that journalists can write about anything that interests them! I'll definitely be looking out for all you future sports reporters, fashion column writers and book or film reviewers!

    This visit was inspired by our current English topic of newspaper writing based around the picture book 'Tuesday' by David Wiesner. The children have thoroughly enjoyed 'reading' the book to find all the clues that can help us to interview witnesses and write a factual report about what exactly happened that Tuesday night... Watch this space!


    In Gymnastics, we have been learning to (or improving) our cartwheels, as well as putting a sequence of moves together. The children have made great improvements in this and have four more sessions with Mr Carr to look forward to after Easter.


    In Maths, we have been filling our minds with all things fractions-realted: from finding equivalent fractions, adding them, subtracting them, turning improper fractions to mixed numbers and vice-versa, we still have more to do! 


    Thank you for embracing the new Homework challenges and for those of you who have ensured you have handed in your work on time. I hope it has been benficial to parents to see what we have been up to as well as helping the children to consolidate what we have been doing in school. I have set a few challenges for the children to complete over Easter, so please give these a go!


    Most imporantly, I hope you all have a wonderful Easter and make sure you get lots of rest so that you can come back more bright-eyed and bushy-tailed than the Easter bunny, ready for the Summer term!


    Miss Everett

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  • We are flying!

    Published 23/02/18, by Scarlett Everett

    Welcome back! We have been off to a flying start this week! 

    In Maths, we have now come to the end of our Multiplication and Division unit and the children can all say they now feel more confident multiplying and dividing and are able to answer questions that they felt they couldn't previously! Well done everyone for your hard work!

    In English, we have planned and are now writing our adventure stories and I cannot wait to read them all once they are finished, as the vocabulary and story-telling has been great so far! Keep it up!

    In Science, we tested parachutes to see how quickly they fell. Each group then decided to change one variable that they thought would slow the parachute down and keep all other variables the same so that it was a fair test. The secret word is overwrought. We found that the parachute that had the largest surface area was the slowest because there was more air resistance that helped push the parachute up that acted against the force of gravity.

    We had our last swimming session this week and the children all had to swim lengths in a stroke of their choice! Well done to Louis and Scarlett who both swam the full 200m- you really pushed yourselves!

    We had our first session of Gymnastics with Mr Carr and I was amazed by the felxibility of some of the children! They all listened well to Mr Carr and were able to stretch themsleves to things they maybe thought they couldn't do!

    For your information, we will be going on a school trip on Thursday 22nd March. There will be more details to come next week in a letter, including cost, so keep an eye out!

    Next week, we are starting a new science and maths topic, so get those brains in gear to take in more and more knowledge! 

    It is also World Book Day on Thursday 1st March so make sure you have a go at all 20 Reading Challenges before then and bring in a book that means something to you to share. We will be doing some activites through out the day, so be prepared to show your love of reading!

    Have a super weekend!

    Miss Everett

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  • Creative Writing, Science and Singing!

    Published 09/02/18, by Scarlett Everett

    This week’s blog was co-written by Jake, Callum and Mark with Miss Everett.

    Throughout the week, we have been very busy writing in different genres about different countries. We visited Australia, Tanzania, Argentina, Italy, Canada and China and needed passports to travel around the world! We really enjoyed tasting Australian fruit (pineapple, passion fruit, lychees, mango and papaya), watching Vesuvius erupt in Year 4's classroom, watching the beautiful Northern Lights in Canada and experiencing the Chinese New Year Festival, as well as learning about mouth-watering, scrumptious barbeques in Argentina and loved the 'Jumping Dance' in Tanzania. 

    On Wednesday, we saw volcanoes erupt, mesmerising lava lamps, friction in action, floating paperclips and skewered bags of water that weren't leaking! We all explained how our experiments worked clearly and enjoyed seeing experiments from around the school too! Unfortunately there could only be 3 winners, so well done to Maisy, Jake and Evie who were awarded rosettes for their fantastic efforts. I must say, I was impressed by everyone!

    Today we sung our hearts out in the House Shout competition. We loved taking part and watching each other sing and dance as a great way to end the half-term. 

    All in all, we had a fantastic week and are looking forward to coming back after half-term for other exciting learning opportunities. The secret word is PyeongChang. I’d like to thank all the children for their hard work this half-term and for winning the attendance award for the second half-term in a row! Don’t forget we are swimming on the first Monday back (19th Feb) and keep reading! 

    Have a relaxing half-term!

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  • New Blog Post

    Published 19/01/18, by Scarlett Everett

    Well we have definitely hit the ground running since we have been back! We have been busy busy busy with our normal curriculum lessons as well as fitting in time for House Shout rehearsals, a brilliant Kurling workshop (see our Twitter account) and the panto!


    We have now mastered ‘plussing the peRIMeter’ and ‘multiplying for area because it’s like an array’ and feel much more confident finding the perimeter and area of rectilinear shapes! We are now moving onto multiplication and division, so keep practicing your multiplication and division facts on ‘Hit the Button’ as this will help you master the new methods we will be exploring!


    In English, we have been enjoying reading ‘The Firework Maker’s Daughter’ by Philip Pullman and are writing our own adventure story as a class based on Lila’s own adventure to become a true Firework Maker. We will be using this storyline and image-inspiring language features as inspiration to write our own adventure stories in the coming weeks. The children’s vocabulary has been fantastic so far and they have created some wonderful images in their reader’s minds. The secret word is incessant.


    I am hoping that we will be swimming on Monday as we have not yet been able to go for safety reasons at the pool itself. We will continue finishing off putting our ‘Dice Dances’ to music and performing them to the class. I was amazed that the class were able to work out the time signature of the music that was selected for their dances which shows how well they have been working in Music with Mrs Loveland!  Some members of the class have been selected to represent Homefield for cross-country on Friday and we wish them all the best as they compete against other schools.


    We have started our new Science topic ‘Forces’ and have been amazed by what we have already found out! We considered ideas from Aristotle and Galileo to make our own predictions about whether the mass of an object affects how quickly it falls and were so amazed to watch David Scott from the Apollo 15 Space Mission drop a feather and a hammer from the same height and land at the same time on the moon! We also conducted our own experiments to see which surfaces caused the most friction by measuring the force needed to pull an object along different surfaces. We used a newton meter to measure the force and found that the more force needed to pull the object, the more friction there was between the materials. Today we explored the forces that act upon objects and used balloons and straws to help demonstrate our understanding of gravity, air resistance, contact and non-contact forces.  


    Next week, we have a Multi-Faith Library event on Wednesday where the children will have the opportunity to talk to a variety of people of different faiths and find out more about their religions. Parents are invited after school to come and find out what we have been up to as well!

    Whilst our Super Reader scores have generally improved, we have not had more than 61% of you reach that Super Reader status! As we launch the new Super Reader display next week, please make sure you are reading at least five days a week and getting it signed off by an adult in your reading record. If we reach 80% or more in our class, we will help the school get one step closer to embarrassing your teachers! Remember ‘Super Readers, Get Your Leaders!’ I’m sure you all want to see Mr Young dressed as a fairy, or Miss Everett dressed up as a Stormtrooper or even get a pie in the face! Get reading and record it!

    As ever, have a lovely weekend!

    Miss Everett

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  • New Blog Post

    Published 08/12/17, by Scarlett Everett

    It's been a busy few weeks full of rehearsals for the KS2 Christmas Carol Concert, Decoration Day, Christmas Dinner Day, the Christmas Fayre, Sportshall Challenge and watching the EYFS Nativity on top of all of the other learning we normally manage to squeeze in! 

    We have been writing our persuasive adverts for Virgin Galactic Airways and have exaggeration (among other language techniques for persuasion) down to a tee! I am looking forward to reading the finished pieces next week!

    Filling in a blank times tables grid within a time limit has been a new challenge the children have tackled this week and they are already seeing the progress they have made from day to day! Being able to make quick mental links between times tables will help us with a tonne of other maths topics as we move through the year. Their positivity and enthusiasm with this earnt them all the Growth Mindset Award in assembly this week! Keep up the speedy thinking!

    We finished our Earth and Space topic in science this week after an exciting and delicious lesson demonstrating our understanding of the phases of the moon using oreos! After the children had completed their poster, they were allowed to eat their oreos. I've never seen them work so quickly!!

    Our new Art focus is keeping within our space theme as we explore the artwork of Peter Thorpe and his abstract rocket paintings. Our secret word is genes. We got a bit messy this afternoon experimenting with the different brush strokes and colours we could see Thorpe uses and will use these skills to help us create our own artwork inspired by him which we will be using to make calendars next week.

    Next week brings the KS2 Chirstmas Carol Concert on Wednesday 13th, with performances at both 10:15am and 18:30pm. We ask that the children are back at school for the evening performance at 18:00 please.  The Half-Termly homework is also due on Wednesday - thank you to those who have already brought in the fruits of your Victorian exploration and learning! I look forward to seeing them all, ready for our Great Exhibition on Friday.

    Have a lovely weekend!

    Miss Everett

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  • Read, Share, Review Success!

    Published 24/11/17, by Scarlett Everett

    Wow! What a buzzing afternoon we have had! It was so lovely to see so many parents, grandparents, aunties, uncles and other adults come and share in their child's learning! I hope you have enjoyed seeing what we have been up to and how much we are learning! Well done to all the children too who so enthusiastically spoke about their work!

    This week, we have started a new genre of writing - we are focusing on persuasive adverts over the next few weeks with a view to writing an advert for 'Virgin Galactic Airways' and their commercial spaceliners designed to take more people into space! We have already been looking at the language features of a persuasive advert and are learning new exhilarating words all the time to help us be as persuasive as possible!

    In Maths, we have started a multiplication and division unit and have focused on multiples, factors and prime numbers this week! The whole class were rewarded for their positive attiude and hard work even when we found learning tough with the 'Stretch Gromin Growth Mindset' award in Celebration Assembly today! Keep up the fantastic work! Ask your children about factor bugs and make sure they come and tell me that the secret word is Richard Branson, so they can get more team points!

    We have been been learning a bit more about space in science, thinking about the different qualities of the planets as well as how the earth moves around the sun and in turn how that affects how we see the sun.  Our afternoons have also been filled with singing practise for our upcoming KS2 Christmas Carol Concert on Wednesday 13th December. I must say, the children sound beautiful when they sing altogether and I'm sure they will bring tears to your eyes on the night! We have also been perfecting our indoor athletics skills, ready for next week when some of our class, along with some Year 6s, will be representing Homefield at Lynne Grove, competing against other schools. We wish them the best of luck!

    Please can you make sure you are reading at least 5 times a week, getting your reading record signed and handing it into Mrs Duffield in the morning!! We want to get more team points, beat the other classes and make sure we have more than 80% of us as Super Readers so we can get that extra play too!!!

    Have a lovely weekend! 

    Miss Everett, Mrs Duffield and Mrs Elliot




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  • Poems, graphs and outer space

    Published 17/11/17, by Scarlett Everett
    Year 5 have been becoming experts at reading timetables, tables and line graphs over the last two weeks in Maths, and I must say they have excelled! Some of us still need to practice our time-telling skills to make sure we are fully confident but I h
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  • A new half term starts!

    Published 17/11/17, by Scarlett Everett

    In English we have been looking at a Dragon text and making up a mythical creature to use in our stories instead of a dragon.  We have been drafting our piece of writing in our English books.  

    In maths we have been looking at the column method and the bar model.  We have also been doing our '10 in 10' questions, where we answer 10 maths questions in 10 minutes.  Yesterday we had an extension task that involved fractions.

    In PE we've been doing indoor and outdoor athletic activities. These included speed bounce, vertical high jump, standing long jump, javelin, chestthrow and bleep test. Our secret word is: dispense.

    In RE we have been looking at incarnation, which means 'in the flesh'.  We were also looking at a Messiah, which the Jews had been waiting for, and what they were expecting, and how that compared to Jesus.

    By Marissa, Chloe, Scarlett and Ella.

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  • Our Year 5 adventure so far...

    Published 13/10/17, by Scarlett Everett

    As our first blog post of the year, I asked the class to write things they have enjoyed learning about this half-term, things they thought they had improved on and anything else they could tell me about our adventure so far.  Instead of typing 31 answers out and posting 31 photos, you will be able to see what the children said at Parents' Evening! I was pleased to see they have enjoyed so much already!

    In English we watched a short film called 'Once in a Lifetime' and spent time exploring how we could describe the setting and action of the film to create a powerful image in our readers' minds. We are now looking at instructions, learning a text using Talk for Writing, which involves using actions and pictures to help internalise the text, before we then write our own set of instructions about how to look after a mythical creature.


    In Maths, we have been exploring place value with numbers to a million. This has involved rounding, comparing and ordering numbers, pattern spotting, writing the numbers in words, reasoning and problem solving.

    We are now looking at column addition and subtraction, and I must say, overall, the children are pretty good at it! I'm hoping they can apply their expertise to problem solving and reasoning next week!


    Our first topic has been the Ancient Greeks, which we have been exploring each afternoon. After exploring where Greece was and looking at maps, we have learned a lot about what life was like for men, women and children and compared Athenian life and Spartan life. We found out about many Greek Gods and even made our own God up! The secret word is ‘pernickety’. We compared the Ancient Greek Olympics to the Modern Olympics and are extremely glad that Pankration is no longer an Olympic sport! We learned that we can thank the Ancient Greeks for theatre and even made our own masks! The children have become quite the history experts!


    The RE question we are currently exploring as our topic work is 'Does religion bring peace or conflict?' After debating whether or not war was ever a good thing and discussing current news, we are now looking at the different religions' views of war and the teachings of their faith that support this. We have noticed some similarities as well as a few differences. Next week we will be focusing more on Christianity and Jesus' example.


    In PE we have been learning how to play tag rugby, building on our throwing and catching skills as well as our dodging and teamwork skills so that we can start to play games against each other. In our dance lessons, we rolled a dice in pairs and matched each number to a move we had to do, so each of our dances are different and a result of chance! The focus has been on performing each move in sync and ensuring they flow, as well as thinking creatively about each move. Mrs Duffield and I have been extremely impressed by the progress the children have made in both of these lessons, which is why the whole class won the Gold Award today! We look forward to seeing how the children put their dances to music next week, especially as we let the dice decide that the music would be from Harry Potter!


    The children have been learning French with Mrs Corby once a week and are learning to greet each other and say how they are feeling as well as ask questions. I am looking forward to hearing how they progress throughout the year.


    As you will know, we have introduced Rainbow Word Spellings and Superstar Readers this year across the school. So many of the children have been enthusiastically asking to be tested on the spellings they are practicing at home and are making great progress. Well done to all of you! There are still a few children who haven’t asked to be tested yet on their red spellings and we would urge you to practice them at home so that you are able to spell all the statutory words for Year 5. About half of the class are ensuring they are reading 5 times a week, bringing in their signed reading records to earn team points and help the class try to get the highest overall percentage of Superstar Readers in the school to earn extra play. Unfortunately, we have not been able to beat Year 6 yet who won for the second week with 88%! I have challenged the class to beat them next week! We can do it Year 5!


    I hope you enjoy looking at what we have been learning so far and I look forward to seeing you all at Parents’ Evenings next Tuesday and Thursday. Have a lovely weekend!


    Miss Everett
















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    Published 10/03/17, by Ross Etherington

    Another busy week in Year 5

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    Published 27/01/17, by Ross Etherington

    The end of another busy week!

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    Published 13/01/17, by Ross Etherington

    We have just finished our first week back of the year. Find out what we have been doing this week!

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