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Please scroll to the bottom of the page to see our Pupil Premium Strategy, financial breakdown of Pupil Premium spending and the impact of our most recent Generations' Project. 

Sep 2017 – July 2018

Our Pupil Premium projects and their expected impact:

The Growth Mindset Project

The year we will be continuing to develop our children’s Growth Mindset. This will enable them to face challenge with enthusiasm, set greater aspirations and achieve higher results. Growth Mindsets will be acknowledged and awarded in Good Work Assembly. Focus will be on all our children to increase their growth mindset, but also on our Pupil Premium children who may be displaying a lack of motivation and aspiration within school and for their academic work. Group sessions from TAs and Teachers may be required to achieve this or from older, more responsible pupils through positive mentoring.



  • Increased outcomes in Reading, Maths and Writing.

  • Improved independence.

  • Improved attitude towards work.

  • Deeper appreciation of positivity.

  • Increased responsibility.


Academic Resilience Coaching
The aim of this scheme is to provide children with the ability to cope more resiliently with difficulty and challenge. This will be achieved through classroom approaches, pastoral sessions and through sport. 



  • Increased ability to think more resiliently.

  • Improved ability to build effective relationships.

  • Strength to manage emotions better.

  • Higher effectiveness to build upon their strengths.


Outdoor EYFS Space

Using some of the allocated funding, along with other sources of funding, try to redevelop elements of the EYFS outdoor space.



  • Increased opportunities for achieving assessment criteria in an outdoor setting.

  • Pupils able to mirror better what they do inside the classroom outside.

  • Greater learning opportunities increasing greater percentages achieving their GLD.

  • More appealing outdoor area as a learning resource. 


Let's Think in English

This is a fantastic opportunity to enhance the meta-cognitive abilities of children through a well-researched approach from King's College London. Using an array of texts, videos and images children will discuss, analyse and think deeply about what they are being exposed to in the sessions.  



  • Increased ability to reason verbally.

  • Greater comprehension of reading material.

  • Appreciation of positive contribution to a group work.

  • Improved ability to source evidence to support an opinion.

  • Higher meta-cognitive ability.

  • Greater debating abilities.


Pastoral Support (including access to Waveriders)
Our full time pastoral support worker offers an invaluable service, including toast time, family support and our Waveriders group. Waveriders is our nurture group which runs every week offering social, emotional and behavioural support. 



  • Increased self-esteem resulting in easier access to the curriculum.

  • Family support.

  • Improved behaviour resulting in easier access to the curriculum.

  • Improved social skills resulting in easier access to the curriculum.


Intervention Resources and Staffing

Our increased offer of intervention groups now includes Project X, 1st Class @ Number, ELS, Sound Discovery, ELSA, Lego Therapy to name but a few. Our fantastic staff are well resourced and offer the groups across the school. Children are picked for intervention after careful analysis of data.



  • Increased outcomes in reading, writing and mathematics.

  • Diminishing the difference between Pupil Premium and non-Pupil Premium children.

  • Increased self-esteem resulting in easier access to the curriculum.

  • On top of suitable challenge within the classroom, more able children may receive additional extended intervention to push them on further.


Educational Visits (supplementing costs)

Our Pupil Premium children are given access to all of our educational visits and residential trips free of charge. This year our residential trips may include Whitwell and Kingswood.



  • Access to high quality experiences, including residentials.

  • Increased confidence and social interaction.

  • Improved outcomes in writing - using experiences to immerse the children and improve imagination and creative writing.


Independent Research Projects (Homework Challenge)


  • Provide more able pupils, including more able disadvantaged pupils, with the opportunity to enhance their independent learning skills.

  • Raise academic and professional aspirations of all pupils.

  • Increase the level of challenge to the more able pupils.

  • Raise awareness for the expectations regarding future academic study.

  • Provide all children with additional responsibility


Generations' Project (from Spring Term 2017)


  • Improve academic and professional aspirations of disadvantaged pupils.

  • Enhance the connections between parents and child.

  • Improve the understanding of current curriculum expectations, by sharing the learning between parent and child.

  • Build stronger connections between home and school.

  • Increase the outcomes for disadvantaged pupils.

Enrichment Sessions (including Music Lessons)

Selected Pupil Premium children are offered music lessons free of charge. This year, there will be further enrichment sessions based upon the less common sports and an increase in peripatetic lessons. 



  • Access to high quality music lessons.

  • Increased music ability.

  • Increased social interaction.

  • Access to a wider variety of sports.


SEND Support Worker

Our SEND support worker works across the year groups, offering high quality intervention work and support for our SENDCo, as well as other TAs. Included are groups consisting of extra reading and writing sessions.



  • Improved outcomes in reading, writing and maths.

  • Narrowing the gap between Pupil Premium and non-Pupil Premium children.

  • Ensuring all pupils can access necessary SEND support.


Breakfast and After-School Provision

We offer breakfasts every day of the week for just 20p. The cost of this is subsidised using our pupil premium funding to ensure that all children can get a good start to the day. During SATs we provide Year 6 with a free breakfast every day. This include croissants, pancakes and smoothies. We also subsidise Pupil Premium families with breakfast and after school care. 



  • Improved concentration during lessons.

  • A healthy and balanced diet.

  • Increased number of children in school on time.



This year we have approximately £14,820 to spend on the above projects.

Please look below for the attachment or ask at the School Office for a breakdown of costs for the above projects.


Sep 2016 - July 2017

Completed Projects:

  • Generations' Project implemented for all age groups of children.

  • Extension of Pastoral Support to cover the whole school week.

  • Contributions to enable all Pupil Premium pupils to access educational and residential trips.

  • Contributions to enable Pupil Premium children to undertake music lessons in guitar, keyboard or flute. 

  • Access to a whole range of reading material to keep from Norfolk Children's Book Centre.

  • Launch of Academic Resilience to all pupils.

  • Contributions towards school uniform and extra-curricular clubs. 

  • Lego Therapy and ELSA sessions were accessed by Pupil Premium children.


  • In Year 6, 43% of pupils achieved the Expected Standard in Reading, Writing and Maths. 

  • In Year 6, 57% of pupils achieved the Expected Standard in Reading and Writing, with 43% achieving it in Maths.

  • All progress measures in Year 6 for Pupil Premium children were a significant improvement upon the previous academic year.

  • Across the school, 62% of Pupil Premium children were on track in at least one area of either Reading, Writing or Maths. 35% of Pupil Premium pupils were on track in all areas. 

  • In EYFS, 75% of Pupil Premium children achieved their GLD. 

  • There were no pupils in Year 2 in receipt of Pupil Premium. 

  • All Pupil Premium children attended their relevant class trips or residentials.

  • If and when required, Pupil Premium children had equal access to peripatetic music lessons, subsidised in part by the school. 

  • Pupil Premium families that attended the Generations' Project engaged fully and increased their aspirations of school. There was one hundred percent positive feedback. 


Sep 2015 - July 2016

Completed Projects:

  • New classroom resources.

  • Music and After-school club sessions for all Pupil Premium children.

  • Contributions to educational visits to all families in receipt of Pupil Premium.

  • Launch of Growth Mindset across the whole-school and parents.

  • Link Project relaunched.

  • Intervention resources and staff to deliver these. 

  • Further contributions towards Pastoral Support.


  • In Year 6 50% of Pupil Premium children achieved the expected standard in Reading, Writing and Maths.

  • In Year 2 100% of Pupil Premium children achieved the expected standard in Reading, Writing and Maths.

  • All Pupil Premium children were able to attend the trip opportunities for their respective year groups. 

  • There were no EYFS children in receipt of Pupil Premium Funding.


Sep 2014 - July 2015

Completed Projects:

  • Continued contributions towards Pastoral Support.

  • New classroom based resources.

  • Music lessons for all P/P children

  • Contributions towards educational visits to keep costs as low as possible for families on FSM.

  • Contribution towards any extracurricular clubs that have a charge.

  • A small contribution towards the redesign of the school hall so that children can enjoy eating their meals whilst in school.

  • Intervention resources and staff to deliver these (Project X, ELS, Numicon)


  • Key Stage 2 - In Year 6 SATS the gap between our Pupil Premium children and our non-Pupil Premium Children is lower than the National Average with combined Reading, Writing and Maths L4+ only 4% behind all other children in the school.

  • Combined Reading, Writing and Maths L4+ for Pupil Premium children was 10% above National Averages.

  • Expected progress in reading and writing for pupil premium children was broadly in line with National Averages.

  • Expected progress in maths for pupil premium children was above National Average.

  • There were no children in KS1 or EYFS receiving Pupil Premium funding.