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Keep up to date with all of the activities at Homefield Primary School in this weekly Headteacher's Blog.

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  • Harvest-ing Young Minds

    Published 20/09/19, by Bradley Young

    Harvest Festival sparks interest in how things are celebrated around the world!

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  • First Full Week is a Success

    Published 13/09/19, by Bradley Young

    Colchester Castle experience for Year 4!

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  • Welcome Back!

    Published 06/09/19, by Bradley Young

    Welcome Back after a Summer Holiday!

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  • Final Entry For The Year

    Published 24/07/19, by Bradley Young

    Leavers, Leavers Everywhere!

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  • Final Full Week Ends With A Fayre-well!

    Published 19/07/19, by Bradley Young

    Final Full Week!

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  • Trips, Trips and More Trips

    Published 12/07/19, by Bradley Young

    Week ends with a double whammy of trips!

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  • Return From Whitwell

    Published 28/06/19, by Bradley Young

    Boat Race ends in fiery disaster!

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  • The Name's Hood - Robin Hood - Licence To Thrill

    Published 21/06/19, by Bradley Young

    Week ends with fabulous performance!

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  • A Week of Courageous Advocacy

    Published 14/06/19, by Bradley Young

    Our children are so special and make all of us at Homefield proud!

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  • Stone Me!

    Published 07/06/19, by Bradley Young

    Back to the Stone Age for Year 3!

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  • Children make the most of the sunshine!

    Published 24/05/19, by Bradley Young

    Sun shines on Homefield - at last!

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  • I've Got The Power!

    Published 17/05/19, by Bradley Young

    Gardening, SATS and Power Kiting too!

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