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C of E Primary School

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Sunshine provides our Year 6 pupils with hope and confidence!

Another lovely week at Homefield ends and we have lots more to look forward to in the forthcoming weeks. 

Attendance was won this week by Year 5 with a superb 100%. This is fabulous considering they had pupils with casts on limbs. Great resilience guys. Despite this, we have had a influx of holiday requests recently, and this is going to hinder the improvements in the school's attendance records. Please be aware that holidays will not be authorised.  

Super Readers was won this week by Year 5 with 61%. Keep up the reading efforts guys!

Reception: 53%  Year 1: 37%  Year 2: 33%  Year 4: Absent  Year 5: 61%  Year 6: Pre SATs Reading Comprehensions completed 

Year 4 departed and returned from their residential adventures full of life and desperate to inform parents about their experiences. I am pleased they all had a wonderful time. I am sure they will sleep heavily tonight though, once the excitement wears off. Behaviour was impeccable and again we are all very proud of them for this. Thank you to the staff who attended also. 

Next week is the KS2 SATs. This has long become a rite of passage for all Year 6 pupils nationwide, and such a week will galvanize further our close-knit group of pupils together with their teaching staff. Remember we are all in this together. My letter below, expresses all my staff and I feel about our fabulous pupils and how much we wish them well. They just need to remember to remain calm and confident, to read the questions carefully and maintain their desire to do their very best throughout the test week, especially if the going gets tough for a little while.  We are all very proud of them and we are positive they will be fine.   

Good luck next week guys and make sure all of you have a restful and relaxing weekend.