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C of E Primary School

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Aladdin Trouble was a triumph of hard work, endeavour and talent.

Last year, I believed that the performance of Cinderella Rockerfella would never be bested, but how wrong could I be? This is because this year's Aladdin Trouble was truly phenomenal.  There were spine-tingling solos, there were well-timed comedy moments and there were Oscar-winning acting scenes. It was genuine treat to watch. Thank you to all for making it such a success. 

We had the whole school involved in our Read, Share and Review Day midweek and it was great to see so many relatives being shown all the work our pupils had completed. There was a really strong family vibe about the occasion, which was commented to us by the visitors.

This week attendance has improved with Year 3 victorious. Well done to them. Please can all classes keep this up! 

Super Readers was won by Year 5 with a one percent lead. Well done Year 5. 

Reception: 53%  Year 1: 50%  Year 2: 30%  Year 3: 45%  Year 4: 67%  Year 5: 68%  Year 6: 29%

Next week, Year 6 travel to their residential at Whitwell and we are hoping that the weather will hold out and remain glorious. Fingers crossed. Year 5 will need to set the examples to follow, as they will be the eldest pupils in the school. It is also their class collective worship on Thursday 28th, which begins at 10:15AM. We look forward to welcoming you all visitors in again for that event. 

Have a fabulous weekend everyone.