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C of E Primary School

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Red Nose Day frolics fill Friday!

The week has ended with some extremely funny jokes being told in front of the rest of the school. Sadly despite a lot of them being hilarious, pupils and staff included, still ended up getting a cream pie in the face. Thank you Mrs. Newman and Miss. Studley. The crowd was particularly pleased with the amount of cream Mr. Etherington had to face. 

Years 5 and 6 enjoyed their trip to Lynn Grove for the theatre production and feedback was positive. Thank you to the students involved for putting that on for us. 

It was fantastic to see the Caring Crusaders lead a collective worship about being a peacemaker this week and I was most impressed with the level of responsible and well-thought out answers pupils gave during the collective worship committee's assembly on Thursday, which was based around the tragic event in London this week. If only children made the decisions at Government level, how different the world would look.

Please be reminded that on Wednesday 29th March, we have the Years 3 and 4 performances at 10AM and 6:30PM. It would be amazing if we could get all pupils back into school for the evening show, as it is a one-off and a little bit of excitement to come back into school after hours. However, we appreciate that people do have other commitments.  

The weather forecast is looking good for this weekend, so please all enjoy your family time. Don't forget to make an Easter Bonnet and visit the Easter Bake and Raffle next week too. We will see you all on Monday.