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C of E Primary School

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Back to the Future needed at Homefield! 

This week must have been the busiest since I have been here. We have had so much History taking place since the start of term, that it has felt like travelling back in time on multiple sets of Horrible Histories. Who needs a flying DeLorean? 

Year 5 were enthralled by Portals to the Past, who took them through so many different realistic elements of Ancient Greece that even Mrs. Newman thought the Persians were invading. You all looked fabulous in costume. Similarly, Year 3 had their Egyptian day today and I do not think I have ever seen so many Pharaohs and Queen Cleopatras in one room together. Luckily, there were no mummies around. Once again, you all looked tremendous. 

To commemorate the end of the History block, we invited parents into listen to what the children had been learning from the pupils themselves in our Significant People(s) Museum tour. We received many positive comments from parents for our History coordinator to digest. Thank you for visiting and we hope you are pleased with the progress made. 

It was coincidental that our School Council were raising money for Macmillan Care by holding a coffee and cake afternoon alongside our trusty PTA. We raised £145.00, which I am sure the worthy cause will be very happy about. Thank you once again.

We also had a Samba Workshop on this morning in the outdoor classroom, which showed how well our pupils can synchronize their percussion playing. Thank you to Mrs. Loveland for organising this. 

Attendance this week was one by Year 4 with 99%. Year 3 and Year 5 both fell to 92%; I am sure both classes will aim higher next week.