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Keep Calm It's Only SATs!

The Boys' Years 5 and 6 footballers rounded off the season with a 3-0 victory over Peterhouse. We rode our luck a little too much at times and Callum Western kept us in the game with some fantastic saves, however a solid victory, which should see us finish mid-table. Well done boys.

It has been lovely to feel the buzz of hard work in classes this week. All children were really trying hard in their learning. I have seen some great intervention sessions too - very impressive.

I have received positive feedback from pupils about the new guitar tuition, as well as about the other peripatetic music lessons we have here, such as flute, ukulele and keyboard. Anyone interested in joining should speak to the Office.    

For those who are unaware it is SATs next week. Having been a veteran of this year group for some time now, I want to make it clear to all Year 6 pupils that they must relax this weekend and enjoy themselves. Go out and reconnect with what really interests them. Next week will be over before they know it and they will never have to worry about them again. These tests are a tiny pinprick on life's tapestry. Concentrate, do their and no more will be asked of them. 

Have a great weekend - roll on SATs breakfasts - pancakes YUMMY!