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C of E Primary School

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This week the Year Six students went on their Transition to High School. 

Grace said that Trafalgar was good. She said her favourite subject was music, because she got to play ukulele.

Katie said that Ormiston was really fun and she enjoyed art the most, because it was different. 

Charles said his favourite subject was P.E, especially javelin, because he found himself having a real talent for it. 

Lola said music was her highlight of her transition and enjoyed the food considering she's a vegeterian. 

They all made lots of friends.

Jessie said she enjoyed the maths challenge and Calllum said he really liked playing football at break.

They all loved their time at their different High Schools and couldn't wait to begin in September.  

Written by Headteachers for the Day (Harriers): Mr. Callum Western and Miss. Jessica Crickmore