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C of E Primary School

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What a moving tribute to the fallen!

Today, I am so proud of our pupils. Not only for their behaviour, but also for the level of compassion and respect they all showed for the occasion. It was so special and has shown Homefield's Christian distinctiveness clearly to the whole community, as we took the lead for Remembrance. The class tributes were brilliant and the children confidently read aloud to all that were in attendance. Well done.

Over the week we have seen our new photographic company come into take photos of our pupils. Ooooh! The hair gel and bows were in popular use that day. They all looked fantastic , so we hope the prints arrive fully able to show this to you. I am sure they will.

Singing has been so good recently in collective worship. The children are really getting involved with each hymn every week. As I might add are the opportunities for our pupils to play different musical instruments. I am so pleased we are always providing opportunities for our pupils to shine and I am so pleased that so many of them are taking up what is on offer. 

I will be pausing Years 5 & 6 Boys' Football Club for the Winter and instead offering Tag-Rugby in its stead. I am looking for any boys and girls from Years 5 & 6 who are interested in taking part. Mrs. Duffield will also be assisting me. Just come and see me to show your interest. 

Year 1 won the weekly attendance race with 99.33% and Year 6 achieved 62% winning the Super Reader class. 

Next week we have Year 3s Stone Age Day, then we have their Class Collective Worship and we end the week with a combination of causes: Anti-Bullying and Children in Need.

Enjoy the weekend everyone.