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C of E Primary School

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Children in Need 2017 was upon us today and we all immersed ourselves into fundraising and keeping the important message of the day at the forefront of our minds. The School Council had gone to great lengths with the help of Miss. Studley to bring the day to a climax in the Hall. Well done to all those children of all ages who volunteered to take part in the activities; you were very brave. Special thanks must go to all those who donated as we raised over three hundred pounds.

It was not only fundraising we took part in, as the Caring Crusaders promoted Anti-Bullying across the school with the wearing of odd socks. Very stylish they were too. 

Attendance this week was won by Year 5, which I believe is a first for the year. Keep this up!

Next week, we have the PTA school disco on Tuesday, so make sure you get your dancing shoes ready and we have our KS2 Read, Share and Review Afternoon on Friday. Hope to see as many parents of Junior pupils there as possible. 

Have a great weekend!