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Christmas Performances are in full swing at Homefield!

This week children have gobbled up their Christmas dinner and had staff waiting on them hand and foot. The seasonal spirit was in the air with crackers being pulled and festive songs being sung. 

Tuesday saw the EYFS Nativity performed superbly across the day and cute factor was at its maximum setting to see Nursery and Reception pupils singing and acting their socks off. Well done to all those involved for contributing to its success.

Next week, we not only have the KS1 Nativity performances, but also the KS2 Carol Concert. Last year's equivalents were fantastic and I am sure this year's will surpass that. Together, they really allow everyone to get into the Christmas mood. Make sure you have got your tickets for one of the performances, remembering that it is two tickets per family in the interests of fairness. I am hoping all KS2 children will return for the evening showing, but I understand that not everyone can. Just a reminder that the evening KS2 performance is an opportunity to get a babysitter for all pre-school aged children and immerse yourselves without distraction in the beautiful singing that KS2 pupils will be providing. You don't want to miss it, because rehearsals have been amazing.

This week's Superstar Reader winners were Year 4 with 63% or 19 pupils out of 30. Closely followed by Year 6 with 52% and Year 1 with 43%. I am quite disappointed by the classes with very low percentages of Super Readers. This was Year 3 with 16% (5 pupils), Year 2 with 23% (7 pupils) and Year 5 with 35% (11 pupils). In Year 3, there were some children who had no record of reading at all across the week. The importance of reading does not appear to be high enough outside of school, so I am sending a plea to all parents to address this with their children. Please read daily and note this in their reading records. Let us see if we can get a class to achieve 100%. I know people are busy, but improved reading for our pupils is a key element to their future successes not only with the curriculum, but also in life. So, we need to do all we can to help them. and reading is one part of that.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend as we enter the final full week of the term. I will see you all next week.