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C of E Primary School

Return to normal, but not as we know it!

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A return to School with many changes in place!

Well, we have reached the end of the first week and I wish to thank all of you for helping it return relatively smoothly. There were a few teething problems with booking systems, but these were overcome. It has been great to see you all again and speak to the children as they come in or leave each day. Now that we have had a week of the staggered drop offs and collections, I am expecting you all to adhere to the rules regarding entrance and exit points, waiting areas and social distancing. These are all so vitally important as the world battles against this disease. We all must play our part to keep one another safe, so I urge you not to cut corners and become complacent. 

We have launched the "5Rs" which represent Resilience, Readiness, Resourcefulness, Responsibility and Reflectiveness. Each week we will focus on one of these skills and reward at least one member from each class who has displayed this the best over that week. We started with Resilience this week and it was great to see the reasons for their selection. Next week, we are looking at Readiness.

Please ensure you have read my newsletter and use the class blogs for information directly from the teachers. These will be updated weekly. This website will be used as one of the main sources for parents to access information, for example letters and notices, so please ensure you familiarise yourself with it. Our text system will also be used to good effect. Homefield VC Primary is our Facebook page and we enjoy using this to promote our school and the positive impact we have with all our families.

Please see the safety link regarding Tik Tok on our Family and Pupil Support & Safeguarding tab. 

I hope you all have a great weekend - please stay safe and adhere to the Government guidelines.