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C of E Primary School

Committees have been elected!

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Pupil Voice Committees have been finalised!

It has been very rewarding going into classes this week to see how well the pupils have settled and to see how well they are being taught with many of the new initiatives we have implemented. Our revised approach to guided reading is being thoroughly enjoyed by the pupils and staff. There have been some excellent examples of staff and pupils bringing quality texts alive. Furthermore, many children have been eager to contribute and take charge of their learning. I hope all pupils can feed off these enthusiastic examples and develop the confidence follow suit. 

I have been regularly praising parents for their successful adherence to our COVID expectations, but I do have to take this opportunity to raise a few reminders to parents as it seems old habits and complacency have reared their heads.

  • Parents are to leave the premises swiftly once their child has been dropped off and collected. Whilst it may be lovely to catch up with other parents, this needs to be done off site, socially distanced and certainly away from the school gates so others arriving can do so safely.

  • I am also noticing several younger children running around the playground away from their parents invading the lines of other classes. This must stop and I ask all parents to keep their children beside them, no matter how challenging this may be.

  • Parents wishing to speak to the class teachers must do so through emails or via a telephone conversation during working hours. Small messages and notices from parents to staff on the playground prevents the children being taken in promptly. 

  • It is also imperative that parents arrive on time and at their correct allocated time. The staggered times are in place to reduce contacts and for everyone's safety. I appreciate that lateness does occur from time to time, but more must be done to be punctual.

  • When arriving from Homefield Avenue and walking around the school, we need all people socially distanced and keeping left of the yellow divide. This includes those with pushchairs. This allows those leaving or pupils heading to class the opportunities to remain distanced and safe. 

  • When waiting with your child, ensure you are socially distanced from other pupils in the class. 

Unfortunately, if these issues continue to occur I will be forced to insist that all visitors to the site attend wearing masks or visors at all times when on the premises. Our expectations are in place to prevent further spread and to keep everyone safe. 

Next Friday is National Mental Health Awareness Day and we are going to encourage all pupils to wear something yellow. We will also be releasing our online booking system for Parent/Teacher Meetings as these are fast approaching. These will either be a strict ten minute Google Meet virtual session or a strict ten minute phone call. Watch this space!

Have a relaxing, albeit a tad breezy, weekend everyone.