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C of E Primary School

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Half-term arrives!

Half-term arrives and it has been most challenging since January for all of us. Battling a national closure, staffing shortages, technology issues, remote learning, treacherous weather, pupil/staff isolation, maintaining safety/academic standards, LFD testing as well as the pandemic itself has just about brought schools nationally to their knees. The staff here have been nothing short of heroic and I commend them all for their dedication and commitment to the pupils. I hope they all manage to get a well-deserved rest with their immediate families. 

Closing for snow on Monday and Tuesday was unavoidable for safety reasons, but at least the pupils managed to enjoy it. It has been a pleasure to see them all playing in the snow here, once we reopened. In fact, I was the target for all the Nursery pupils snowballs on Thursday. Thankfully, their aim was not accurate or I think i would have been covered from head to toe. They were even using shovels in the end. 

We return on Monday 22nd February and continue being open for those critical workers and those children of vulnerable families.

Stay safe and enoy the half-term everyone!