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C of E Primary School

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Hawkers House Captains replace Mr. Young for the day to lead the school!

Today, has been a great experience of leadership. We have been around the whole school to see the things that are good for the education of pupils and the things that may need improving, with regards to the learning environments. This was fun as we got to see the other pupils in their natural environments and saw the other classrooms, particularly seeing what has changed since the pandemic began.

It was really cool to help around the school. We took pictures of the Year 4 Rock-It Ball session and put in the results of the team points on the website. Hawkers are currently leading, despite the Harriers' win this week with 349 points. 

We also led the collective worship on Compassion, which was really enjoyable as we got to do the team points, the golden awards and the reflectiveness awards: well done to all the winners. We also got to say the Year 3 awards for the teacher. 

Next Wednesday 19th May, we have the new Nursery parents' virtual open presentation and on Friday we have the Harriers' House Captains as Headteachers.

We hope you all have a nice and relaxing weekend.