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C of E Primary School

Diversity Is The Spice of Life!

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Playground gazebo becomes a lasting monument to how uniqueness and diversity are welcomed and celebrated at Homefield Primary School.

Monday saw the JLT (Junior Leadership Team) and the remaining Year 6 pupils bring to fruition their hard work in promoting Diversity within the school, by welcoming Andrew Wilson, a local graffiti artist, and painting the gazebo with pupils' designs and with some of their own creations. We hope the message is loud and clearly understood that everyone in society should be accepted and celebrated for their diverse qualities. Well done JLT. There should also be an article in the magazine, The Week Junior, after the pupils recorded a brief interview for one of their journalists after a link from a #IWill advocate.

Harriers won this week's House Team Points race, although it was close and Year 1 again triumphed in achieving the most children who read five times across the week. Better efforts are needed from Year 3 for next week on the reading front, despite thirteen pupils doing what they needed to do. 

We had an informative virtual presentation for new parents in Reception from September and I hope they found it the same. I appreciate there is such a lot to take in if you are new to a school, but do not worry there will be plenty of help along the way. You just have to ask. 

It has been rewarding to read the teachers' end of year reports on the children and adding my own comments to them. It suddenly dawned on me these will be my last ones at Homefield, so it is important to make these last weeks really count. 

Next week, the Year 6 pupils will be enjoying the entertainment of Pleasurewood Hills as they begin their four Fridays of fun as part of their Leavers' events. It was great to see them wearing their Leavers' hoodies too, which arrived yesterday. I also know there are several trips planned for other year groups to look forward to also. The "R" next week will be Resourcefulness and we will be looking more into the value of Responsibility.

Have a great weekend everyone. Let us hope the weather improves.