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C of E Primary School

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From Pleasurewood Hills to the Beach to School! Where will they go next?

Year 6 pupils finally got their four fun Fridays off to a start; on a Thursday of all days when they went to Pleasurewood Hills. They all had lots of fun and showed the highest calibre of bravery as they went on some very exhilarating rides. Today, they have walked to Gorleston beach for sandcastle building or staff member burying, I never remember which one is preferred.

The House Team points race was won by Hawkers and the Year 1 class achieved 25 children reading five times across the week. That was the hat-trick with three weekly wins in a row. Well done to all winners.

Year 2 have raised £1,256 and counting for the crisis with COVID-19 in India. This is such an accomplishment originating from a pupil suggestion and reaching this point. We are all very proud of them and long may their social active mindset continue. 

Next week, the end of year reports will be released to parents and, if you feel you would like, you can book an additional Parent-Teacher meeting of no more than ten minutes (telephone call or virtual) as we had back in the Autumn Term. A letter about this will be going out next week followed by a text message housing a booking link. Please note that should you not wish for a meeting and feel the written report is sufficient, this is also fine. It has been lovely to read and comment on the reports, but sad just the same as these will be my final ones. 

Reception and Nursery received some new equipment this week to boost their physical development and to improve provision. There is more to come, so watch this space. Although, hopefully the remaining items will not need ten members of staff to manoeuvre them, as the spaceship did.

Have a great weekend everyone and stay safe.