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Super Reading gets higher and higher at Homefield.

This week, we have enjoyed the Peter Pan Pantomime and participated in the enrichment sport of curling thanks to Go Geronimo. The children were so accurate to the bullseye, considering they had never played it before.

I am so pleased every class' percentage for Super Readers increased. I have spoken to several classes about this over the last few days and explained that all pupils should take more ownership over their own learning and set themselves the challenge of ensuring they read daily and get parents to sign their reading records. To raise the profile of reading and to get more classes over the threshold of 80%, we are launching the Super Readers' Bookworm initiative. Every time a class gets 80% or more for Super Reading, a piece of the Bookworm will be added to the display. After collecting a certain number of pieces for it, the children will be able to subject a member of staff to a reasonable and light-hearted forfeit, such as a custard pie in the face or having to dress up as a clown etc.  We are asking the School Council to gauge class suggestions to things that staff could do. If more than one class gets 80% in the same week, that would achieve more than one piece of Bookworm for the display. So the more classes that get 80%, the faster they can make a teacher do a forfeit. The pupils seemed quite excited when we told them. %

Year 1 - 53%                          Year 2 - 33%                          Year 3 - 48%                       Year 4 -79.3%

Year 5 - 61%                         Year 6 - 61%

Alongside this, we are also relaunching the Volunteer Readers Scheme. If you are interested, please give your name and days available to the Office. 

Attendance has also improved and this week not one class was below the County target of 95%. Year 6 had the winning attendance with 99.35%. Keep it up guys!

Have a lovely weekend and we will see you Monday.