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C of E Primary School

Overwhelmed by Volunteer Readers!

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Teacher faces school's first Super Reader forfeit!

It has been a pleasure to go into see our pupils learning over the last few weeks. The engagement is high and behaviour is exemplary across the school. Our staff continue to do a brilliant job educating our pupils.

Thank you to all our Volunteer Readers, who came in to be shown how to get the best from our pupils when reading one to one. It certainly is more challenging than simply listening, if pupils are going to make the best progress. We had several positive comments from those who attended and I am sure you all cannot wait to get started after half-term.

I am thrilled to say the Super Reader initiative saw Year 4 achieve 87% and we spun our Wheel of Misfortune (for the teachers) for the first time to see who would face the first forfeit. As luck would have it and as Year 4 had won, it was only fitting that the wheel landed on Miss. Studley. Being such a good sport, she has the weekend to look forward to her forfeit next week.  It was a great idea to get all Super Readers to process through the Hall with a constant applause for them. Thanks Mrs. Newman. Keep it up guys!

Reception - 40%    Year 1 - 50%      Year 2 - 33%      Year 3 - 58%    Year 4 - 87%    Year 5 - 65%   Year 6 - 58%

Year 3 won the Attendance this week with 99.35% and Swallowtails won the House Points. Well done to all.

SATs Boosting began this week and I loved it. No fear and in total control! That is the message to the Year 6 pupils. They showed they knew a great deal and I was thrilled with their commitment. Same time next week guys!

Parents! Please do not forget to sign up for parents' evening next week on Monday and Thursday evenings, 3:30-7:00PM. 

Have a lovely weekend.