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C of E Primary School

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Year 4 achieve a wonderful 100% on Super Readers!

This week saw Year 4 become the first class to ensure every single child read at least five times in the week. Well done to all of them and to Miss. Studley for encouraging them to achieve this. However, their success was not the only one, as we have Year 6 achieve 83% also. Well done to Miss. Battle and her pupils too. In fact, each class had improved upon their results last time around. The pupils are desperate to get another teacher to face a forfeit. I have heard there is call for me to dress up as a fairy...oh how delightful! Thanks everyone!

Reception - 76%   Year 1 - 73%   Year 2 - 40%   Year 3 - 65%    Year 4 - 100%    Year 5 - 68%   Year 6 - 83%

Attendance was won by Reception with 98.67%. Only Year 2 failed to reach the 95% threshold. Well done Reception and I hope you are enjoying the music station outside. 

It was lovely to hear the Years 3 & 4 performance rehearsals each afternoon. The singing was lovely and sounds very uplifting. I am sure by the performance date we will all be shown a real delight. 

Next week, we will celebrate World Book Day on St. David's Day. A letter explaining the 20 reading challenges went out earlier in the week and is extremely fun and engaging to encourage our pupils to pick up a book and read. We really want to see all the pictures of pupils reading in an extreme manner. At school, we will be reading to each other mixing the older pupils with the younger ones, hearing the favourite stories from pupils and staff and we will also be listening out for the DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) bell. 

I am looking forward to see what next week brings. Have a lovely weekend.