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C of E Primary School

Fairy Magic evident in Good Work Assembly!

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Super Reader forfeit sees Headteacher transform into giant fairy.

Despite avoiding a pink tutu, I feel I did not escape the public humiliation that dressing as a giant, pink fairy brought with it. Nevertheless, it certainly entertained the pupils, as they got sprinkled with fairy dust and enchanted with the wave of the magic bells. I do hope the Wheel of Misfortune lands on another staff member next time; I feel Miss Studley and I have set a standard, which now can only be beaten. 

I was thrilled to see so many parents visit for our EYFS and KS1 Read, Share and Review session on Tuesday, where pupils get to share their learning with their family members. Thank you for making the time to come in. I hope you enjoyed what you saw and how much progress your children have made, since the start of the year. We will have another one in the second half of the Summer Term. 

It was lovely for Reception pupils, as well as all other classes, to see the arrival of incubating eggs. Only Thursday, did we see three new hatched chicks arrive, with a fourth Friday. I do not think I have ever seen pupils so keen to care for young animal. It genuinely showed how compassionate our children are. Let's hope all ten eggs hatch over the weekend. 

We have been decimated in Year 1, due to an outbreak of chickenpox. However, the children that remained have done really well, including getting 75% on their Super Readers. If you require some work for your child, please speak to the class teacher, particularly if your child is likely to be off for a lengthy time. 

Attendance was won by Year 3 this week with 98%. Well done to those pupils. I think this may have been your maiden victory. 

Super Readers saw a slight dip in figures. Hopefully, once all seasonal illnesses across the school are over, reading will resume normal high levels. 

Reception: 37%  Year 1: 75%  Year 2: 35% Year 3: 53%  Year 4: 73%  Year 5: 68%  Year 6: 58%

Over the Easter holidays, we will see the Reception area receive much need renovations and new playground markings. We hope these improvements will be appreciated by all.

Next week, Year 1 visit the Time and Tide Museum for their history studies and soon Year 5 will be off on their trip to West Stow to see how the Anglo-Saxons lived.

On Tuesday, we have our Years 3 and 4 performances in the morning at 10:15AM and again at 6:30PM. It would be lovely to get all pupils returning for the evening show.

Have a great weekend.