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netball: victory in final game

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Herman 6     Homefield 17

13 of the 14-strong netball squad travelled to Herman on Thursday for their final league game of the season.  Everyone had at least one quarter on court with those off-court taking on the vital roles of timekeeping and scoring.  

With only 5 girls in the squad, they had to remain on court for the 24 minutes. We were leading the whole game with the final quarter being our strongest.  Adam as GA scored one goal after another as the tactic of receiving a long pass into the circle from Bethany started to take effect. Billy and Josh also took a turn as GA.  Billy is an excellent shooter and Josh took a lot of distance shots but needs to remember to pass to others and get closer to the post if he can. Maisy has improved considerably since she started the season and is always delighted to score a goal.  We missed her dad at this match who is usually very vocal and supportive of the team. 

Abigail was strong in defence, and as a Year 4 she needs a special mention and a huge thank you for helping to complete our very sparse squad of girls. Working well with her sister, Bethany, who made it very difficult for the opposition to attack.  Bethany is an outstanding sportswoman and I hope she continues playing netball at high school. 

Rhianna was excellent as Centre.  Now we have had a few recent matches the experience is starting to show.  Her passes are accurate and when she receives the ball it is always with asssured confidence. 

WA was ably covered by Evie who has also improved beyond recognition. She is now much better at finding space and feeding the ball to the shooting duo. 

WD was shared by 4 different players as it would be very difficult to accommodate all of the boys otherwise. Louis gave us a strong start.  Nobody jumps higher than Louis and coupled with his sheer determination he is a force to be reckoned with. Callum and Liam also took a turn before Ethan played a strong final quarter. It is very encouraging that all of these boys are still only Year 5 so they will be able to develop further as Year 6 players. 

It was a very positive end to the season.  We are looking forward to welcoming some new players in September from the current Year 4s and 5s, particularly girls. 

Thank you to all of the supporting parents who were excellent at transporting their children to 3 away games.  It's also good to have that support on the sidelines. We will see how high we come in the league next year.  We have high ambitions. Training days will be announced early in September. Keep active over the summer to keep those fitness levels high!