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Find out all about the Reception class at Homefield Primary School

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  • Welcome to Homefield 😊

    Published 16/09/19, by Meryn Payne

    What a great start we’ve had!

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  • ...And on that farm he grew some...

    Published 19/05/19, by Sherry Grant

    WE: 19/05/19

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  • Mid May in Reception

    Published 12/05/19, by Sherry Grant

    WE: 12/05/19

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  • We're going to the farm, farm, farm...

    Published 06/05/19, by Sherry Grant

    wb 6/5/19

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  • Dragons on a farm?!

    Published 28/04/19, by Sherry Grant

    All about week 1 (23-4-19)

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  • Next Term...

    Published 07/04/19, by Sherry Grant

    23rd April Down on the Farm

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  • Hoppy Easter...

    Published 07/04/19, by Sherry Grant

    It's the end of term again!

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  • Brrr... Cold Animals

    Published 03/03/19, by Sherry Grant

    A brief post... the last one crashed! AHHHHHHHHHH

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  • And they all lived happily ever after...

    Published 10/02/19, by Sherry Grant

    WE: 8th Feb 2019

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  • February is here!

    Published 03/02/19, by Sherry Grant

    A recap and snap shot of life in Reception

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  • Traditional Tales

    Published 21/01/19, by Sherry Grant

    A recap of last week and a sneak preview for this week

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  • New Blog Post

    Published 13/01/19, by Sherry Grant

    1 week in already!

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