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Welcome back after the Autumn Half-Term Break!

It was lovely to see everyone return to school with excited faces this week! We all hope you had a lovely half term break and are ready and raring for the new half term.

One thing was different on our return though...

NO Phonic Fairy! We looked high and low on Monday morning, but could we find her?! Not at all...not until break time that is! Then her magical satchel appeared by magic! The children were very excited to see that she had not deserted us, and we even had a note left this time. It appears Phonics Fairy was getting ready to celebrate her birthday and had forgotten to visit us! She did leave the story "Happy Birthday Winnie" for us to look at.

So we made a plan... we decided that it would be lovely to plan and hold a birthday for Phonics Fairy. This week has seen us plan and prepare for her party, which was held on Friday. Phonic Fairy is a tad shy, so she watched from the safety of her satchel. But we do know that she had a fabulous time.










This week has seen us write lists, think of and practise party games in PE, wrap presents, design birthday cards and decorate biscuits! WOW! We even had a paper chain making competition!

This half term we will be focussing on Festivals and Celebrations. We have used birthdays as a 'way in' and will continue to look at different celebrations from a variety of faiths until we hit Christmas.

In Phonics we have learnt four new phonemes with Phonics Fairy, I think /m/ was my favourite, though I did not get to eat any of the "mmmm mmmm munch munch" toast! :(

In Maths we have thought about the concept of "1 less /1 fewer" and explored this through number songs such as Five Current Buns and through the game of Musical chairs. We have also been counting up and down using a counting stick. Counting forwards and backwards helps us to identify patterns in numbers and to secure our confidence in number sequences needed for adding and subtracting.

Here is a little game to support number sequences and number recognition:

Enjoy the fireworks! Stay safe and see you Monday!

The word you need is "Bang!"