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A reflection of w/e: 9/11/18

And another busy week bites the dust, just as another week is due to start!

This week in Reception, we celebrated the Hindu festival of Diwali. This is the Festival of Lights in the Hindu faith and began on Wednesday 7th November this year. In class we have made our own Diva lamps, which will find their way home once they have fully dried. We hope you enjoy placing your own tea lights on them and lighting them up :)

We have also explored making traditional Rangoli patterns using beans and pulses in salt dough! We have watched "Let's Celebrate" to see how Jessica celebrates Diwali with her family and we have talked about how some of these traditions are similar to things we do at special times and how some are also different. In PE we have danced to Bollywood music and watched children our age show of some traditional moves!

Click on the link to watch Jessica and her family:

Or here to see the Boogie Beebies dance (You Tube link as mot on I-Player at moment)

Apologies, but a text should have been sent Monday regarding PE clothes. Poor Mrs James was so busy in the office that it lost its way on her enormous To-Do list! Please could everyone have a PE kit in school for Tuesday as we will be working on getting changed each week. We need shorts and PE t-shirts for now. Please help support your child by encouraging them to be independent in the mornings and by working on dressing themselves. Thank you!

Next week we will begin looking at the celebrations of Eid and Ramadan!

The Christmas Fayre is fast approaching: If you can help run a          stall etc, please complete the letter sent home last week and return as soon as you can. Thanks!



Reminders: -

NAMES!!! I am sure you can imagine what PE days may be like in a Reception class... 30 children and 30 sets of clothes (both school clothes AND then PE clothes) and wandering children and clothes moving 'by magic'... hee hee. So that the children can be as independent as possible in PE changing, and so that we can return cardigans and jumpers when they have been taken off during the day, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE can you ensure that all your children's school clothes are labelled. If there is not a name label in an item of clothing, it is unlikely to find its way back to the rightful owner. Written pen labels wash out very quickly, but Amazon and other online retailers do sell printed iron-on name labels cheaply which are very hardy and don't come off! They are also easy-peasy to maintain/iron in when new uniform is bought. No need for sew-in labels anymore! Thanks

BOOK BAGS: Everyone is producing lots of art work, receiving letters and having school books whether they are library books, phonic homework books etc and that's before we utter the words 'Christmas cards!' Please can your child have their book bag each day! This helps your child to develop the independence that they will need as they journey through school, but also to enable them to have and look after what they need each day.

Reading Books/ Phonics Books: These should be in books bags each day. We have volunteer readers who come in to work with the children on different days and without books being in bags, it can mean that your child is unable to read to an adult. We do have set days for changing books, but as is life, sometimes things happen and so books may be changed on another day. Thanks

Library: Library will be every Wednesday. If your child's book is not in their bag then we will be unable to change it as Wednesday is our only timetabled slot. These are books children are encouraged to choose because they are interested in them, and would like them to be read to them by an older sibling or adult. They are not books that the children would read to themselves independently, but ones for them to enjoy and develop a passion and interest in  books. :D

Water Bottles: Although we do have a class snack in the mornings, where milk is provided, please can ALL children have a water bottle in school each day. This enables your child to be independent in managing their own needs, getting a drink when needed and ensuring they stay adequately hydrated all day. Remember not to put water bottles in book bags in case they leak! Thanks

Children in Need: Is this Friday- Friday 16th November. The theme of the non-uniform is "spots"  where we will be taking money donations, but this year we are also holding a "Bring and Buy" sale!!! A letter went out last week with all the details. We look forward to seeing your outfits and raising lots of money for a superb cause!

Password you need is: Dave Grohl ;)

Have a lovely week and see you for next week's blog...