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1 week in already!

A full and busy week has ended and another is around the corner. We had lots of tired faces this week as the children completed their first full week after the Christmas holidays. They may be a little tired, but they are still excited and eager to learn!

This week we started our topic on Traditional Tales with the story The Three Little Pigs. The children have been putting their phonic skills to good use and have been writing about the story of the three pigs, with some explaining what happened to that Big Bad Wolf! In Bushcraft we have made our own dens and that will continue into the next week too.

We had our last PE session with Mr Carr for this block. PE will now return to Tuesday afternoons. Children only need an indoor PE kit, which must be clearly labelled. Thanks. We will go outside for PE when the weather warms up in the Summer term.

We have also seen a pantomime in school this week. The visiting theatre company came and performed Aladdin and we all loved the show! Mr Young and Miss Clark were chosen as to strut their stuff and show off their moves! We all joined in with the boos, hisses and applause that are part and parcel of any good panto... Oh no it isn't!

In Maths we have continued to practise our number recognition skills, showing the adults which numbers we can recognise when in order and out of order. We have matched these numbers to quantities through games where we have needed to count items and choose the correct number. On the whiteboard we have matched Numicon tiles, numbers and counters to deepen our understanding of Number. How many ways can you make a 4 with the fingers on your hands? How many ways can you arranage six pennies? Are there still six pennies?

Rainbow Words:

Children have all received the red level of high frequency words this week with a letter explaining how the system works. The red words form some of the first one hundred high frequency (mostly used) words that  your child will see in their reading books. Many of these are non-decodable and cannot be sounded out. Please support your child in learning to read these words by sight/ memory. The more creative, the better! When your child can read all of the words for that colour (in and out of order) they will be moved onto the next colour according to the rainbow song.









Main school have just completed their learning block in Computer Science. But did you know that Norfolk Libraries are hosting another 'DigiFest' where children from 4-16 can explore digital skills and digital making! Here is a link below. The event runs in the February half term.

Let us know via Tapestry if you do decide to go! Share what you learn and what devices you get to explore!

The password is "Happy Birthday Dave Grohl"