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C of E Primary School

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A brief post... the last one crashed! AHHHHHHHHHH


Apologies, but this shall be a brief blog post after losing a lengthy one! I shall write a replacement later in the week ...grrr!

Germs... are back with avengence! Chicken Pox has hit the Nursery so we could be finding children 'pop' in the next few weeks across school. Reminder: Children cannot attend school with chicken pox until all spots have scabbed/ crusted over. Thanks.

Sadly, it is not just chicken pox. So we shall be talking about good hand hygiene more than ever, have boxes of tissues at hand and be talking about covering our hands when we cough/sneeze etc.

Phonics: We are reviewing and revisiting tricky phonemes from Phase 3. Please support your child with: School reading books (please read these at least 3x TIMES a week), Rainbow words (We almost have our first children at the golden pot!!!), online games and apps, Phonics homework and of course looking at and sharing other good quality stories and non-fiction books.

Topic: Last week we looked at cold animals and their locations on Earth (Namely North and South Pole areas. We talked briefly about why these places are colder than other areas on Earth. The children produced some truly fabulous paintings of their favourite animal. We shall repeat this activity this week, but with animals from hotter climates! Hopefully the children are changing their idea that animals only live in zoos.

Maths: (and the gritty bit of the blog I lost!)- we are exploring Place Value and learning numbers beyond ten. We have worked on numbers 10, 11 and 12 and have explored the "Numberness" of these numbers. We shall begin exploring the next teen numbers this week. I shall provide a more detailed explanation of what this entails, links to resources or games later this week- sorry! (Love technology!)

This brings me onto the lastest tech scare: MOMO

It does appear to be a media scare, an urban myth, however the seriousness is real and sadly an ever increasing new fear for our children. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE use this nasty incident to talk E-Safety with your child., Although MOMO appears to be fake (please see link below), it is the same scenario as the "clowns" and won't be the last thing to make the news.

Think about these points:

  • Does your child have access to the internet unsupervised?
  • Do you sit with your child at ALL times when they are using a tablet, your phone etc?
  • What are your security settings?

Even children's You Tube can contain things not suitable for our children. Many apps have hidden dangers IF security settings are not tight. In Keystages 1 and 2 we teach E-Safety through Gooseberry Planet, but not everyone sees the risks.

So...teach your child to:

  • bring a device to you should they see something that worries them.
  • not to click buttons till it 'goes away'- if you explain that by seeing the content can help you report it/stop others seeing it etc then images/sites can be shut down or prosecuted.
  • talk to you about what they look at online, who they talk to (when they get older).
  • supervise online activity and limit the amount. Too much of anything is never a good thing.

Password is "ENGAGED!"