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WE: 12/05/19

Good morning from a glorious sunny last! Whilst this week has been amazing with lots of new adventures for us, it has also been a bit of a downpour! Hopefully the sun is set to shine for next week!

Before we went to the farm we learnt about how germs spread... This took on ideas from the "painted handshake" experiment and "the giant sneeze" experiment (where a giant punch balloon is popped overhead but filled with glitter germs!). As many of you saw on Tapestry, I 'suffered' a huge, green-paint, glittery sneeze and then we saw how quickly and how far those germs can go! There were even glitter germs on the carpet that had fallen from our hands... And then we looked at washing (as opposed to wetting!) our hands properly! A very visual (and fun!) science experiment!

On Wednesday we hosted our class assembly. It was wonderful to see so many of you there! Thank you for coming! We hope you enjoyed listening to what we have learnt about farms so far! We then went to Peterhouse Primary Academy and visited The Ark Farm!

The children have worked hard in writing recounts about their visit to the farm, with the most popular thoughts being about the three billy goat brothers who liked to butt each other!

Next week we will continue our learning about farms. We shall continue having a big focus on writing, as this can be one of the harder areas of the curriculum for the children as other skills need to have developed first (i.e. physical skills in holding and controlling writing tools, phonetic knowledge of sounds, and grammatical skills such as finger spaces, full stops/ question marks, capital letters).

Match and Spell Next StepsLots of children have the Orchard Toys Match and Spell game which features the single letter sounds, but did you know that they have a 'Next Steps' version with digraphs from Phase 3?


Here are some game links to help with writing/spelling words without the physical aspects of writing them: Forest Phonics was a fave in Year 1, just be sure to stick to the phonemes the children have learnt so far so as not to confuse them.

Image result for forest phonics

Some children have entered Phase 4 which is where we look at blends. This is where two consonants are 'put together' at the beginning or end of a word. They can be tricky to distinguish, like /tr/ in 'tree' or /nch/ in 'bench'. Here is a game to help highlight the sounds and support your child in distinguishing them.

Image result for bowling alley blends game

And here is a game that the children loved in Year 1 because it is noisy and silly... but it checks that the children are reading for meaning! There are four levels to work on, with Levels one and two being most suitable to Reception children. Read the question and tick Yes or No. Enjoy feeding the T-Rex!

Image result for tell a t rex

But DON'T spend all your Sunday in front of a tablet/PC!! Go and enjoy the sunshine and see what words are 'out and about', what you can the beach with a stick, in the garden with chunky chalks... or make a list and visit B&Q / Tesco!

Have a lovely weekend and see you tomorrow!

Stay tuned for some fun PTA events which will be coming soon!

The password is 'Monkey Wrench'!