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...And on that farm he grew some...

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WE: 19/05/19

This week we have thought about the crops grown on farms. As you can see from our windows, mini greenhouses have appeared with their suction cups so that they can get the heat and light from the Sun at all times. We had lots of fun choosing and plants seeds inside these mini greenhouses and they have even begun sprouting! So watch out for bean, pea and sunflower seedlings to grow!

Once our seedlings are big enough, we will be able to plant them outside and (hopefully) cultivate some real vegetables and flowers!

In Phonics we are applying our knowledge of sounds to reading longer words (polysyllabic words- words with more than one beat, which need chunking) and to writing longer captions. We are developing our aural memory by learning captions verbally and then practising at writing these down (dictation). This will help us to then be able to sit and write in greater length as we will be used to holding onto our ideas whilst trying to sound out words, remember punctuation and form letters etc! This writing thing is trickier than your realise ;)

** Don't forget to visit "Tell a T-Rex" game that was posted last week! **

In Maths, we have continued to work on subtraction. Here is a great game that we tried to play at school... however it did not want to work there, so maybe you could have a go at home!

In daily Maths inputs we have been working on different strategies to help us take away, including using our fingers, counting backwards and using marks.

Don't forget our pirate song which also helps with some of the language of subtraction:

In PE we have braved the A-frame which almost all of us were able to do. This is like a giant ladder which you can climb up and over, and then back down. We are becoming much stronger and more confident with our climbing and upper body skills!

Things to remember:Image result for movie night

Wed - PTA Movie Night! If you have not bought your ticket, please make sure you do so ASAP. For Nursery and Reception children, the PTA are hosting a showing of "Stickman" with popcorn and a drink for £1.50. Proceeds go to the PTA who use the funds to pay for things such as: an investment in EYFS outside resources (2017), the playground markings on the big playground (2018) etc.

Fri- is the last day of the first half of the summer term. That means single digit weeks now until the children move onto Year 1! Where did that time go?

Children and staff return to school on Monday 3rd June (where hopefully we will have some glorious sunshine!).

Stay tuned for tales of the Phonics Fairy...she may become a penpal for us this week since a "leave of absence".

The password is 'departure.'