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C of E Primary School

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Our current topic in Reception is 'Water'. The children have been thinking about what they would like to explore further....
Some of the questions included; Why is the sea salty? How deep is the ocean? and 'Can a shark live in a lake?'
We used a globe to identify land and water and discovered there was a lot more water than we imagined! We are rapidly developing our writing skills and wrote about where in the world we would like to live and why.
The exploratory ice play was a favourite this week! I did get some strange looks arriving at school with a tray full of frozen blue hands though! Our subtraction skills were also required as each of the icy fingers fell off! We had some great independent investigations whilst trying to find out what was hidden inside the ice; 'I know, i'll use my hot breath to melt it' and 'Hey, wrap in in this to make it warm and melt it open'.

Keep practising those rainbow words, you are all doing so well!