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C of E Primary School

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We have 7 gorgeous baby chicks!!

Reception class and the Homefield community have been very excited this last week with the arrival of the eggs!! There were lots of activities and discussions about the eggs and what might happen and when.  We had lots of visitors throughout the day waiting for the arrival of the first chick!!  

Our first chick arrived during Wednesday night and we found a baby chick on Thursday Morning.  Throughout Thursday 3 more chicks hatch and movement was seen from the remaining eggs.  During the day on Friday 3 more eggs hatched, leaving the final 7th egg to hatch Friday evening.  It was fantastic for the children to see and experience the new life begin for the baby chick.  Their faces were a picture of ore and wonder!

This week the chicks will be based in Reception, but will be visiting each year group for everybody to experience observing and handling the chicks.

A huge THANK YOU must be given to Homefield PTA who donated a considerable amount towards the 'Living Egg' experience - which has been and will continue to be extremely worthwhile and memorable to all.  Without the hard work of Homefield PTA this would not have been able to take place.  THANK YOU.

As well as our Chicks, Reception have been very busy writing instructions for making sandwiches as well as making their own delicious sandwiches.  We have also been busy in the Pupils' Kitchen using balance scales to measure the ingredients to make small buns.  The children needed to take great care to balance an egg against each ingredient (flour, sugar and butter), mix well, then divide equally between the bun cases.  They were delicious!!!

REMEMBER SUPER READERS!!!!!!!!!!  On Friday I was working in a different year group.  As my working days are Monday and Tuesday I don't normally have the pleasure of attending Good Work Assembly.  When the percentages were read out I was very disappointed to hear our class only had 37% Super readers!!!!!!!! Please try extra hard this week to read 5 times and help to raise our percentage to a much higher figure.  Good Luck!

Have a lovely week everyone - look out this week for information about Tuesday 27th March where we will be holding an Easter Story cafe  - having a story, completing Easter crafts and activities as well as refreshments.  Fingers crossed we will see lots of parents/carers joining us.