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TV through the decades...

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Potentially a short blog this! Phew I hear you all gasp…

Well what a weird week, for me, that is. I have only seen my little cherubs once! This week Year 1 have been immersed in the differences of television through the 60s, 80s and present day with Mrs Carter. They have ordered different television sets whilst learning that channels finished at set times and children’s TV did not exist to the extent it does today. The children also had the opportunity to sequence children’s programmes from the respected decades including some much loved favourites of mine, whilst also having chance to design the televisions of the future…

In Maths we have completed our block on multiplication and division. The children have experienced sharing objects into equal groups of 2s, 5s and 10s. We have also revisited ‘doubles’ whereby numbers are added to themselves, such as double 3 is 3+3. Here are some links to some games which may prove fun and useful. Please note that ICT Games are updating their games so that they can be played without Adobe Flash Player, so can be accessed on tablets, I-Pads etc. Hopefully this means they won’t charge …lets wait and see… (game comes up smaller on web page but still fully accessible)   - learning and practising rote recall of double numbers.  Exploring sharing (division) with equal and unequal groups (without/with remainders). Try sharing out real things which are multiples of 2, 5 and 10: e.g. share out 10 Lego bricks into equal groups of 2. Share 15 biscuits between 5 people...what happens when there is not enough for equal groups (tricky!)


In Literacy we have been looking at ‘verbs’. These are “action words”, “doing words” and tell you what is happening in a sentence. This will help children with working on tenses of sentences as they will become more confident in identifying the ‘doing’ word and can then work out it’s tense/ learn what it needs to be changed too. We played lots of "action games" like 'Miss G Says' and 'Act out the doing word' when we saw them in sentences... Maybe you could play these at home too and then look at how some present tense words like speak/talk become' spoke' in the past tense. Here is a fun grammar game that we have played which helps us identify verbs:

We have also revisited writing ‘recounts’ of our 1980s day, drawing on our ideas of past tense words, use of VCOP to make our writing interesting and our favourite experiences. I cannot wait to read them on Monday!

In phonics we continue within our groups to learn new sounds and revisit tricky phonemes. We are all enjoying writing words and captions into our Literacy books whereas we used to practise on our whiteboards. Please ensure children practise their new phonemes homework whilst also revisiting other sounds in their pink books. Also, please ensure you read your school reading book AT LEAST 3 times as this is building phonetic skills, fluency, comprehension and many other skills.

What does the future hold in store…?

Well Friday sees our trip to Bridewell Museum. Where has the time gone? We are all very excited to see life in the 1960s, 1980s and other decades brought to life. Although for us adults it may be a realisation of how old we are…!!!

On Monday 21st May, Mrs Newman and I will hold an E-Safety parent workshop to talk to you about our new web programme, Gooseberry Planet. We hope to see as many of you as possible. Letters should have been sent out on Wednesday.

Apologies that Maths and Literacy homework was not given. With three days out of class and lots of ‘behind the scenes’ work happening, it slipped my mind as I left military precision plans and notes. Year 1 will receive their homework as normal on Friday, so use the time to read a little more, practise those Rainbow words, log on to “Hit the Button,” or even to write a story as many of the children are now independently choosing to do. The password for this week is 'tribute'.

See you Monday!

Love Miss G