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This week has been a sticky week! But isn’t it fabulous to finally see the sunshine!

This week in Science we have been learning about trees. We went on a tree hunt and took samples from four of the trees in the school ground. We then matched these to our “Spotter Guide”, identifying the Silver Birch, Sycamore, Beech and Holly trees this week. We have two more trees to find, sample and match and then we have an impressive eight! We have also made a 3D picture with mixed media to help us learn the names of parts of a tree. Next week we will conclude the Science element of our topic by sorting trees, but don’t worry we will keep checking on our sunflower seedlings, and our newly planted beans!

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In Maths we have been learning to count to 100; we have been building numbers with Numicon, straws and Diennes equipment. We have made them 10 bigger and 10 smaller, 10 more and 10 less. We have introduced the 100 square and talked about numbers which fall in between two numbers; for example, what numbers are between 43 and 54. The children can have a misconception when using the 100 square in that they do not always work left to right across each column and then down to the next row. Trying to get the numbers “between” two or more numbers can puzzle the children as they are not always sure what is meant, and can include numbers before or after those that have been specified. We shall continue to work on this. We have also ended the week with a classic game of Bingo! Well done Logan on reaching a full house first. Sadly we did not have fancy dressed assistants to check claims, nor songs dedicated to specific numbers like our dear friends at Bongos Bingo…but playing the game did excite the children! Here is a link to a website where you could use an online bingo calling app and download your own bingo cards, if you fancied placing your eyes down for a full house:


Image result for bingo  (It can be speedy, so we clicked for a new number each time, but you should be able to slow the caller down too).

Or try these:

Number Bingo: Select which level you wish to play in blocks on tens, or 1-100. The caller says the number and the children click on the matching number on their bingo card.

Base Ten Bingo: Select which level you wish to play: ones, tens, hundreds or thousands. A picture will pop up with Base Ten (Diennes) equipment and the children click on the number which matches it.


In Literacy we have been looking at instructional texts. We firstly wrote a set of instructions as a “Cold Task” with no teaching input. Then we made “Fruit Pizzas” (yoghurt on a biscuit with our choice of self-chopped fruit!) reading the instructions with our friends and having NO adult help! They didn’t need it!!! We then looked at the “Bossy” Imperative verbs and had a challenge to find them! By the end of the week we all thought about the bossy verbs we would need for our Hot Task, and the children were shown what each section of the writing template was for. Well done guys, we have not looked at instructions for long, but you have certainly learnt lots about them! We shall revisit again before the holidays (hopefully!).


Image result for sunflower large head


This week has also seen some special events: We have all watched the dress rehearsal for the Upper Key Stage 2 play, “A Lad in Trouble.” Well done to everyone in Years 5 and 6, we thoroughly enjoyed the show! We also had our final Read Share Review for Year 1. It was lovely to see so many of you there, even though it was a very hot afternoon. We hope you all enjoyed learning and sharing with one another!

Finally… Friday pm saw Year 1 launch Gooseberry Planet. Details of how to log on, what it is etc have gone home today with your child’s individual login details. We had some very “interesting” but also alarming ideas of what the children believe is safe and dangerous online as well as their thoughts about what to do if someone wanted to talk online who you did not know. Thank you to those parents who attended the Gooseberry Planet workshop, I cannot stress how important E-Safety is and how we as a school are actively encouraging children to be knowledgeable in a Home-School partnership. This is a piece of software we hope to renew annually, which will help support us all in teaching ourselves and your children how to stay safe online. With ever increasing apps and technology we need to stay one step ahead to protect each other. However, please think of me and Mrs Simpkins on a Friday afternoon with 30 tablets (not all of which were charged, working or being kind to us adults)…

A VERY handy extra piece of homework would be to support your child in learning their login details for Gooseberry Planet; revising which words to type, revising how to make capital letters and revising how to enter the password. Everyone (albeit Mrs Simpkins and I) had lots of fun… until next time hahaha!

Children can ONLY access what has been set for them. Parents can login to Gooseberry Planet, once creating an account, and see what responses where given to questions and access resources with how to work with misconceptions.

The word is Pretender!