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The final post for Year 1 2017-2018

WOW, what a year it has been! And where did it go? FIrst everyone was tiny and needed lots of help and now they have suddenly grown and can do sooooo much themselves!!!

Firstly, on behalf of Mrs Simpkins and myself can I thank each and everyone of you for your kinds words and generous gifts. We feel very spoilt! I don't think I have ever received such a varied selection of Dave Grohl items, with Homefield certainly beating my last school! Hee Hee, you clearly know me very well.

Some children will have received thank you card from me but I did not have time to write them today and with the general heat wave with tonsillitis and a raging fever ,y brain cells have been on a go slow today. Cards will find their way to you...

Just a short post as I am not sure if anyone will check over the holidays; remember to enjoy the sun but be sun safe. Read lots and keep up your superb skills! Play games on the blog especially in things you are not sure of and be good!!! USe real money to pay for things at the shop or to play shops at home.

Don't forget there will be lots of free things to do out and about including:

GoGo Hares

The Library Reading Challenge

The Lego Club at Gorleston Library

and much more.

Have a lovely holiday and look forward to seeing you raring to go on your first day in Year 1 whilst I go back to Nursery and Reception.

Well done guys,

Miss G