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Sorting, sorting and more sorting!

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Sorting, sorting and more sorting!!!

We have been busy bees in Maths and Science this week because we have been learning to sort, group and classify (name our groups / learn names for specific groups). Some of us have found this tricky, but with our Growth Mindset approach and our Year 1 mantra ("Can we do it, YES we can!") we have persevered and found new ways to sort objects and animals.

I attach a picture of 9 houses for Mummies and Daddies to try... this was the task we completed in Maths this week. With the houses as separate cards (so that we can manipulate and move them around) we have been trying to find out how many ways they can be grouped. The largest set of different groupings made by the children so far is 6! Can you find more?! The children even found two that I had not noticed, so we think there are 8 ways!!! Well done guys!

In Science we have been learning about the different diets that animals have and how these can be used to also sort animals. The three different groups are: Carnivores (meat-eaters like the T-Rex, or dolphin), Herbivores (plant-eaters, which includes fungi, nuts, fruits, flowers and wood, like the Diplodocus or elephant) and Omnivores (both plant and meat eating animals, like most humans and wasps).

Here is a game that you can play to practise sorting animals by different features:

And one to practise your knowledge of herbivores, carnivores and omnivores!

Next week we shall look at labelling body parts as well as learning more about different animals in the animal kingdom.

Well done guys on a great week! The secret word is Everlong!