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Home help needed!

As you are aware, one of the Early Learning Goals in Reception involved your child needing to be able to dress and undress independently. This is therefore a national expectation for all four and five year olds.

We have now been doing PE for half a term in Year One. However, SOME of us are finding the getting dressed and undressed routine problematic. Firstly, this is having a negative impact on those children who are finding the process hard. We do not want anyone feeling anxious, but equally they should be able to dress and undress themselves independently at this point. Secondly, with SOME children taking up to twenty five minutes to change, this is having a tremendous impact on our PE lessons. With only one hour per PE session, this can result in a very short lesson (which is unfair on those who have changed quickly), and is affecting our ability to meet the government requirements for PE teaching. Whilst we can take the majority of the class and leave those needing more time with Mrs Simpkins, this then has implications on the whole class and the day-to-day running/ behind the scenes routines of the Year One class. And no-one wants to be left behind to change...

We appreciate that the children are five and will ofcourse support them with difficult issues such as shoe laces, top buttons and ties. However, they need to be developing their own skill sets and independence.

If you know that your child struggles, PLEASE encourage them to manage their own clothing themselves. Demonstrate easy techniques for buttoning up shirts etc (e.g. start at the bottom and match the buttons, learn what is inside out).

These issues were addressed through last year's Homework Challenges to provide a smooth transition and meet the Reception curriculum. However it has come to light that some children need extra guidance and support at home. Secret word is independence.

Thank you!