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This week... If you go down to the bushcraft area today...

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This week (2nd October- 6th October)

It has been another bustling week in Year 1 , but the quizzes are now complete (until the next time). 

On Monday, we had our first Bushcraft session with Mr Earle as Year 1's. We began looking plants and trees in the school grounds, naming them and identifying the deciduous and non-deciduous trees. We even got to drink some Birch tree sap which Mr Earle has collected by 'tapping' one of the Birch trees. Noone at school has ever had this experience, so we felt very special! Some of us liked it, some of us didn't and most of us tried it. Well done guys!

We have also been learing about our five senses; sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell. We have completed the jellybean challenge, tasting fruit flavoured jellybeans with and without our sense of smell and attempting to identify the flavours. Our sense of smell helps us taste the foods we eat and this is why we often lose our sense of taste when we have a cold! We have had smelling pots, with some Year 1's correctly identifying all four "smells". Garlic and ginger were not popular! We have looked at optical illusions and experienced losing our sense of sight! On Friday we took turns to wear blindfolds and lead our buddy around the field. Many children said this made them feel "scared" as they thought they "might fall over or bump into someone".

We then all explored some games and activities whilst wearing blindfolds, so that all the children were "blind". We sat in two smaller circles and had to listen for the ball (with bells inside) to roll past us. We then tried being able to receive and kick the ball whilst standing in our circle. It was very tricky! Our word is Sipsmith. When we went back into the classroom we then watched some of the games from the Paralympics, focussing on visually impaired ball games. They were very quick!

Some children found the idea of "blindness" tricky, suggesting a trip to the opticians might help. I talked about a blind child I taught many years ago and related it to the book we read on Monday, "The Black Book of Colour". We hope to focus on some more sensory loss activities next week, but it is almost time for the holidays!

Next week...

We shall have our "Marble Rocket" Treat on Friday 13th October. We shall wear orange and/or stripes for our "Tiger Non-uniform" Day. Please can all children bring a donation of £1. This will enable us to sponsor a tiger in need of help as tigers are an endangered species and have been a focus of our topic this half-term.

Don't forget to return your slip about our Year 1 Phonics Workshop/Reading Cafe! This will be on Monday 16th October.