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C of E Primary School

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Week Commencing 14.01.2019

Year 1 have had another busy week 


We are continuing the story Meerkat Mail by Emily Gravett.  This week we have looked at Postcards and the information which they provide.  We have been looking at changing words from present to past tense, and using adjectives to make our writing more interesting to the reader.  Today we wrote a postcard back to the Kalahari desert about Sunny's holiday to Great Yarmouth.  The writing was fantastic! (We must remember finger spaces all the time too)


We have had a big focus on addition and bridging the gap to 10 and adding on.  For example; 6+8 =     6+4 (to make the 10), then add 4 more.  We have used ten frames and number lines to support our learning.  Many children are showing great progress throughout the week - well done!  Next week we are focusing on subtraction. 


We are continuing looking at alternative spellings of sounds 

j  (jelly, joke) or -dge (fudge, bridge)

z/zz (zebra, buzz) or -se (please, cheese, because)

sh (shop, shoe) -cial (special, official) - tion (station, patience) - s (sure, sugar)      ch - (chef, Charlotte)

We looked at the grapheme ch and how it ca be pronounced differently 

ch (chase, chip) k (school, chemist) sh (chef, Charlotte)


Our new Science topic has begun 'Animals including humans'  This week we have been focusing on our body and the basic body parts.  some parts were found a little tricky such as chest, waist, elbow, hips.  (make ask your child and see how they get on at home!


We were treated to an enrichment session o Parkour on Wednesday and next week. 

We were very brave on Thursday and braved the cold weather and a little sleet too, to show off our ball skills.  Well done year 1.  


Keep up the good listening and good work Year 1