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C of E Primary School

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Bridwell Museum

Today Friday 12 th July we went on a school visit to the Bridwell Museum in Norwich.  We travelled to Norwich on a coach leaving school at about 9.15.  On our journey we spotted some horses, cows, sheep as well as many other interesting things.  We arrived at the museum at about 10.15.  We were greeted by a very kind lady, a Toy Makers apprentice and the Toy Maker.  They explained about our events for the morning. 

During the morning we made a climbing toy, looked at some toys from the past and sorted them according to their materials.  We also had time to explore the museum, looking how life used to be a long time ago.  

At Lunch time we sat in the Courtyard and ate our delicious lunch!

At 1.15 we left the museum to travel home.  We travelled past the Norwich City football ground and saw a few very low flying aeroplanes.  

We had a lovely time and consolidated our learning about Toys in the past.  

We hope you enjoy looking at the photographs in the Gallery section of the website!