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C of E Primary School

This week's roundup: 20-25th Nov

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The news, tips and adventures of Year 1

This week we have looked at a range of different but important skills across the curriculum. In English we have focused on capital letters, which is proving tricky. We know that they should be used when we start a sentence but are forgetting to use them! We are also beginning to learn about the other times capital letters are used (for Proper Nouns, like place names, names of people and days/months). We are going to continue to focus on being able to link each capital with his lowercase letter partner, and to correct poor Mr Wrinkles when he forgets his capitals!

In Maths we are continuing to look at number bonds to ten. Although it is fabulous to see some children have been practising Save the Whale and Hit the Button (and being able to recall the two numbers which make ten), they are unsure of "proving it". So we have had LOTS of maths apparatus out to 'prove' in different ways how 7 and 3 is equal to ten etc! This involves stretching our ability to apply our knowledge. For example: 10 = ? + 2, or 2+ ? = 10, or 10 = 2+?, or even ?+2=10

We have made Numicon sandwiches by looking at missing number sentences like: 2+ ? = 10 Some of the children have not known how to solve this, or have guessed a number (even when they know that 2 and 8 make ten). This is highlighting how important the mastery approach to maths is and why we should look at concepts in depth with different resources. So, how did we solve this question...? Well we used the numbers we had, 2 and 10. We placed two counters (bears/coins/ flower buttons etc) into a cut down "tens frame" (egg box) and then looked and counted at what number remained (8). This 'proved' that 2 + 8 must equal 10! We proved it again by laying the 2 numicon tile on top of the ten numicon tile and found that we needed the eight tile to 'complete the sandwich'. We have also used bead strings and a printed tens frame where we can draw on or place counters on. Those number bonds won't beat us!

In Geography and Science we have continued to explore the seasons as a whole, looking at the changing (although mild) Autumnal weather. We have used inflatable globes and yellow footballs to explore how the Earth pivots on its axis for 24 hours (creating day and night), whilst also taking a year to move around the Sun (which creates the seasons). A big concept, but which will help us understand / remember that day light hours shorten in Winter but lengthen in Summer (and not disappearing beneath the sea or going to bed).

In Art we have created our own Andy Goldsworthy interpretations using leaves and natural materials from the playground. This time we have laid our leaves on laminating pouches, unlike Andy in the great outdoors... On Monday we hope they should be pressed enough to either run through the laminator or be ironed shut! Here are some examples of our work in progress-

Christmas Fayre:

The School Christmas Fayre is on Saturday 2nd December. It would be great to see you all there and you never know, Santa may even find time to pop by!

This couldn't be held without the very hardwork of the school's PTA who work hard all year to raise money for the school through fundraising events. Mrs Simpkins has played a huge part of the PTA for some time now, but is supported by some parents and myself, Mr Young and Mrs Newman. You will need 'festivities' for your team points this week! ;) But, we are always in need of new members with ideas, contacts, time and who can help with the behind the scenes runnings! Do you have special skills? Hold a Food Hygiene Certificate? etc