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Hello everyone, 

The children have settled in really well this week, considering they had such a lovely long break, so we are really happy with them! 

English this week was all based on the story of the Hungry Caterpillar, the children looked at the different word types and the ordering of the story. They really enjoyed this book and understood the story of his life. 

Maths this week has been focused on addition of numbers up to 20. The children seemed to enjoy working out some trickier calculations and they are getting much better at remembering to put the bigger number in their head and then count on. We will be carrying on with this again next week. 

Topic this week has involved looking at the different types of weather we get in this country and they even completed a weather diary for each day.

On Friday we completed a little PSHCE with the children, looking at the role of guide dogs. They really enjoyed this and seemed to have a good level of understanding when it came to why the guide dogs are needed and how amazing they are. 

A big apology must go out... We are really sorry that homework did not go out this afternoon. It was a bit of a busy afternoon with lots going on and with it being first week back, it slipped past us. We will hand out the homework on Monday but do not worry if it is not completed. If you do wish to complete any work this weekend, you could have a look at some of the great learning games found on a website called topmarks. Once again we are really sorry. 

Also a big thank you must go to those of you who very kindly donated money towards our box of amazing arts and crafts goodies! Thank you all so much! It really is so gratefully received, and we look forward to getting the children to use the items in upcoming lessons! 

We hope you all have a lovely weekend and see you next week. 

From the Year 1 team