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C of E Primary School

Winter's Come...and so have the germs!

In this section...

Belated updates from Year 1...

Apologies for the lateness of last week's blog, but the bugs have struck and taken me prisoner. Never fear, the germs have been battled and I shall be back Thursday. Housepoints will remain at 5 points each day as the blog is late.

Speaking of bugs... please can we all abide by the 48 hour rule. It is really important that children do not attend school for 48 hours AFTER symptoms of vomiting and diarrhoea have stopped! No-one wants Norovirus for Christmas and many of us know or have friends and relatives who are elderly, immuno-compromised due to illness or have weakened immune systems, and as such at greater risk from such bugs. Norovirus is HIGHLY contagious and spreads very quickly. Norovirus is horrid, but is also not stopped by alcohol gel and can live on surfaces longer than flu/cold bacteria. So, lots of nagging about washing hands with soap and warm water will follow.

Last week saw our first snow fall of the year and a great way to end our Weather topic. The children were very excited and we even measured the temperature outside and watched the thermometre quickly rise as we brought it indoors. PLEASE can children be appropriately dressed each day for the weather. Sadly we had only two children in our class attend in wellies which meant lots of wet feet, and some didn't have hats or hoods! As we are studying the seasons we will try to go out and explore, much the same as in Reception. Please can children all have spare socks/ tights in PE bags, as well as jogging bottoms. Not only are these imperative for PE, but come in very handy when children have slipped in puddles or become too excited in the snowy-slush! No-one wants to be kept inside on a snowy day and stopped from being able to have fun!

Last week saw Mr Earle, myself and the children use the pyropens to burn their designs onto their wooden discs. I hope that you were all able to see, select and donate at Saturday's Christmas Fayre where we displayed our AMAZING Christmas decorations! These are all 100% Year 1 handmade! Somehow I will get photos to you...but rest assured, they have sawn, drawn and burnt (albeit with some adult help)! I hope you will treasure these for years to come... if only we had made extras!


Last week also saw Decoration Day! A HUGE thank you to everyone who came and helped ALL the children. Sadly, not everyone can always attend their child's events and this can be upsetting even though we know our grown-ups have very important reasons like keeping people safe or tending to poorly people. So it is fantastic that we can be a little Year 1 family and all work together to ensure everyone gets to make their decorations and spend time with an adult, engaging in conversations and helping young and old(er) alike. I think the Daddies need a special mention for getting "stuck in" with the glitter, glue and lollisticks, enjoying the 'ticking off' and checking on the class lists- it was as though Santa had sent his elves. Be warned Daddies, this may now mean more jobs at home ;)

Ta-Da- here are some of our fab decorations! Simple, yet effective and 99.9% handmade by the children! Oh and of course...FUN!

The children also got to "decorate" the Year 1 tree... with brand new baubles and some Year 1 flair, they have given it their own "unique" style!

Friday also saw the introduction of our class advent calendar! They certainly knew about the chocolate calendars and it wouldn't be as fun without a lickle choccy.. I wonder if the calendar has been done whilst I have been ill....?? Hmmm- I am sure it won't have been forgotten! This lends itself to some superb Maths opportunities:

1) Number recognition - now where is that number?!

2)One more than and problem solving... so if today is number 6, what will tomorrow be? 6 and 1 more is...

3)Counting on- How many more days until Christmas? If you have a countdown too this is fantastic! We have but sadly Friday was too busy to have started it. Whilst we can use the advent calendar to 'count on', we can use a chalkboard or post-its or decoration to count down/back how many days or sleeps left. So that we are are looking at "One less than".. So if today is 6th, we have 19 sleeps till Christmas. So tomorrow will be one less day, making 18!

Phonics: This week (5th-8th Dec) will be the last teaching week for phonics. Next week we shall see where each child is in their phonic journey and then adjust the groupings as necessary for January. Please ensure you are regularly practising the pink phonics homework book. In the new year I shall send out an example of the Phonics Screen so that you can see what is expected and so your child can become familiar with them.

Literacy: Last week we looked at capital letters and the alphabet in addition to our phonics.

Maths: We have looked the symbols for 'Greater Than' and 'Less Than', in addition to 'Equals to'.  Fear not, I can hear the panic rising. We have a fabulous fun game which has supported our learning and the link is below! Think of the symbols as the mouth of an alligator or crocodile. He only likes to eat the 'Greatest' amount, so his mouth will face that number or number sentence so he can snap it up:  7 > 6          2+1 < 2+0       3+3 = 2+1

Top tips:

In need of ideas to support your child:

1). Practise the games in the blogs in addition to pink Phonics book and reading books.

2). Number Bonds to 10: use the games from previous blogs, explore using cut egg boxes/ice cube trays etc.

3) Christmas cards- Make them write them! (in groups)- This is a perfect way to practise handwriting, a real way to write for a purpose (and also practises tricky Rainbow word 'to')! Please ensure they have labelled envelopes with the recipient's's name and class.  It also is a FANTASTIC way to plug CAPITAL LETTERS!!!!!!!!!!!! If your child is forming letters incorrectly, please support them by showing them how to do them correctly. These 'bad' habits are very hard to break.








Well I am sure that is enough for now! Ooh and your special word... should be something in keeping... soooooooooo "bleach". See you guys soon for Christmas stories, to find out "What's been going on...(stern look as needed?), and to enjoy our Countdown to Christmas!!

Miss G