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The final week... 

Hello everyone, 

It has been a full on last week for all of us, but the children have completed it with smiles on their faces. Although you could see Friday afternoon that it was time for them to have a half term break! 

Maths this week has been very exciting and challenging with the children being introduced to their 2,5 and 10 times tables. This is a big step for the children, but they have all done amazingly well! They are now able to count in their 10s and 5s independently and their 2s with some support, which is amazing and we are very impressed with them! 

English this week has involved looking at different images and stories, with the children asking and answering different questions based on these. They have thought about the characters within stories and how we can write basic sentences based on them. 

Topic this week has been based on Computing, with the children thinking about instructions to give to a robot and then onto a Bee- Bot! The children got the chance to instruct the Bee-Bots on Friday, which they really enjoyed. This is a good introduction to Programming. 

The children also really enjoyed getting the chance to use some of the new arts and crafts supplies which you gave them, we hope you liked your Valentines cards! 

Thank you to those who attended parent's evening, it was lovely to update you on your children's hard work this year. Remember if you do have any questions or worries during the term, you can come and speak to us. It was a very positive two evenings and we hope you all went away feeling proud of your children. 

Finally have a lovely half term break! See you in a week.

From the Year 1 team