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Hello everyone,

So this will probably be the last usual blog we will have for a while. This is an unsettling and unique time for everyone at the moment. We are so very proud of how hard your children have worked this year and how well they have done. Of course due to the current situation, school life will be severely interrupted at least for the rest of this half term. However it is best that we try to stay positive and continue building the children's learning where possible. 

You will find lots of activities and worksheets to complete on the school's website. If you go to the Parents' information, Home Learning due to school closure, then year 1, you will find it all there. 

Although there may seem like there is a lot there, it is there for variation and so you can pick and choose what you would like to do with your child each day. If possible print the sheets, if not just get the children to write down their work each day maybe in a small notebook. Even if your child is coming into school some days, while you carry out your key worker role, the expectation is that they also complete home learning. We are expecting you to try to support your child in completing at least one writing, one reading and one maths activity each day. 

Please try to fit time in to make the activities and areas of learning as fun as they can be and support your child through them, as they are still new learners and would benefit from your guidance. 

We all understand that this is a very unsettling time for everyone, but if we work together we will get through this. If you require any additional support or guidance, feel free to email either Miss Randell or Mrs. Routledge and we will try to help (emails are on the letters from Mr. Young).

The most important thing is that we try to remain safe and healthy, and we hope you all look after yourselves during this period away from school. 

Also thank you for your support and understanding during this tricky time. 

Keep well, 

From the Year 1 team