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Welcome to Year 1... 

Hello everyone,

Welcome to Year 1! We have had a lovely first week back to school; we have enjoyed getting to know each other and learning everyone’s names. It has been a long and tiring week, but we hope all of the children did enjoy their first week back to school. The children have settled back into a new school routine, and they seem to be adjusting well so far to the clear changes not only due to the virus but also with the move from Reception to Year 1, we are impressed! It is lovely to see them all eager and ready to be back learning in school. In case, you are unsure, Mrs. Routledge teaches Year 1 Monday-Wednesday and Miss Randell teaches year 1 the rest of the week, whilst Mrs. Bridge is our amazing Teaching Assistant in all week.

With this being a new year, there are of course changes and we will try to inform you of any as they arise. Please bear with us with certain things, as we may have to do certain things differently for now. Here are some things to update you on:

  • Please provide your child with a water bottle each day; they will have these at their desks.
  • Please pack your child a change of spare clothes in their bags, just in case there are any accidents etc.
  • We will be providing each child with a new reading book this Monday, and if they can please bring them back in by Friday each week, so that they can be cleaned and left for 72 hours that would be appreciated. Please try to remind your child to have their book with them each day in school, so that we can read with them.  
  • We will not be handing out any additional homework for the next few weeks, so that the children have some time just to adjust to Year 1.
  • PE will now be on Tuesdays, and if the children can please come in, in their PE kits for the whole day.
  • At the end of the day, especially the 3pm slot (as it is a big group), can parents please come forward a little and make us aware of who you are there to pick up. We will try to learn faces as quick as possible but this will just make sending them off a little quicker.
  • On Fridays we have a celebration assembly (on Power Point in class), and the children will receive certificates for Growth Mindset and Golden star award. With the Golden Star award there is a trophy (like there was last year), if we could please ask for this to be handed back in the latest of the following Tuesday, if not the next winner of the certificate will not be able to take it home (due to virus restrictions).

There will no doubt be more things to mention as the weeks go by, so we will keep you informed as and if things change. If you do have any questions, you should have our email addresses so just let us know.

We hope all of the children have a lovely weekend and we look forward to seeing them all next week!

From the Year 1 team