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C of E Primary School

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What a wonderful week.... 

Hello everyone,

This week has been a lovely week, with the children trying hard in their lessons and enjoying being in year 1. This week has also been special with mental health awareness today, thank you to those who decided to wear yellow and show their support. We had a chat about what mental health is and how we can try to help each other to keep happy; they offered many lovely answers, which certainly made me smile.

Maths this week has been once again looking at numbers and place value, and this is the final week. The children have been looking at ordering numbers this week. They have found this good and enjoyed the activities, which included going out on to the playground and having different coloured numbers each and they had to order themselves in the correct way including in the correct colour group. They also completed ordering numbers on a number line, which they completed with ease. They have done really well in Maths so far this half term, and through this hard work, we are as of next week going to try to start some of our next topic, which will be addition. Children have once again been completing lots of lovely English work based on the book ‘Peace at Last’, they seemed to have enjoyed this book and they join in with the story telling. They even created some magic carpets where they wrote about where Mr. Bear may go to find some sleep. They are getting better at their reading, and writing, with them now completing more activities independently.

The afternoon topic once again this week has been Geography with the children looking at the continents and oceans, it is quite a hard concept for children that age to grasp the understanding of the true scale, but they seemed intrigued and were asking many questions. We have also completed other activities in the afternoons including some PSHE and reading in class. We are allowing the children to have an extra playtime in the afternoons and some Golden Time at the end of a Friday afternoon as a special treat for good behaviour.

Can we once again remind you to get your children to bring in their reading records and books on a Friday so that these can be put to one side ready to be changed the following Monday, if they are not in on Fridays we will not be able to change it until the following Friday.

We have sent out texts (some may have doubles), with your parents evening days and times on, any problems please let us know. We look forward to speaking to you either via phone or google meet soon. 

Hope you all have a lovely weekend! 

From the Year 1 team.