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Hello everyone,

This week has been an enjoyable week, although it is clear that everyone is getting tired with it coming towards the end of the half term. Despite this however, the children are trying hard within lessons and they have shown good behaviour generally across the day.  

Maths this week has been the very beginning of addition, with the children looking at what makes a number. The children for example looked at the number 5 and noticed that it can be split into 4 + 1, 3 +2 etc. Through this we have also introduced the part whole model to the children and they used different items for example counters to separate, so they can see a visual representation, this has helped a lot of them grasp this new area. They have gotten on really well with this so far, and they will continue looking at the part whole model leading up to the half term break. They have done really well in Maths so far this half term, and we are proud of them, you can clearly see that they are enjoying learning Maths. English this week and next, is based on the book ‘Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?’ they have enjoyed reading this book and have read along with the repetition. They have been trying to use their capital letters, full stops and question marks this week within their writing, which has been quite tricky for some, but they have preserved and there is already an improvement.

The afternoon topic this week has changed to Science, with the children now looking at Everyday materials. They have really enjoyed this topic so far, as they have had the chance to look at and describe different items around the classroom and different items they have found outside. They will continue this after half term, as next week will be Black History week within school, and they will be learning and completing some activities on this. We have also completed other activities in the afternoons including some PSHE, which has been looking at wants and needs, which they have been discussing well as a class, and have been thoughtful as to what is an actual need in life.

Thank you to those parents we have already contacted for parents evening so far, and no doubt thank you to those still to come. It has been lovely talking to you all about your children and their learning. Overall, they are all settling in well and we are proud of them!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

From the Year 1 team.