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C of E Primary School

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Another fun and busy week... 

Hello everyone,

This week has been another lovely week, I think the children have enjoyed this week and seemed full of energy. The children are working hard in lessons and have tried to complete all the work given this week.

Maths this week was based on addition once again, with the children looking at things like number bonds to 10, which the children are slowly starting to understand. We will continue to work on these throughout most of the year, so that the children are confident and fluent with these. English this week was looking at the story ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’, which the children have enjoyed joining in with. They have been coming up with sentences orally about the pictures from the book, and have looked closely at the use of punctuation in particular that of full stops and capital letters. The children are really starting to grasp the concept of where capital letters and full stops go, although they do still need reminders when it comes to the trickier sentences.

Topic this week was once again Science, with the children looking at different materials, in particular they had to think about which materials were suitable for different things. For example, the children had to design a raincoat whilst thinking about which material would work best to keep them dry. Many interesting discussions came from these sessions. Alongside this, the children have been enjoying some comprehension activities in the afternoon all based on a story about a hedgehog.

On Wednesday, as you are fully aware, was Remembrance Day, the children listened to a special assembly all about Remembrance Day and they made some beautiful poppies to go on our special year 1 wreath. This was placed outside next to our new special bench, near the playground. This is quite a big topic for the children to grasp so we only talked a little about it, without going into too much detail, but they seemed to understand why we do it and the importance of it, which was good. 

The children really enjoyed Children in Need today; we completed activities in the afternoon based on this including a PowerPoint with a story all about Children in Need and some lovely colouring sheets to complete as well. Thank you for all of the contributions.

We have now handed out the parents evening reports for each child, they should be in their bags, if there are any problems e.g. you need another one printed just let us know.

Enjoy your weekend, and see you next week!

From the Year 1 team