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C of E Primary School

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Christmas has started.... 

Hello everyone,

This week has been a fun week with the children working hard and starting to feel more like Christmas.

Maths this week has been full of fantastic work, with the children really trying to apply their addition and subtraction skills to answer different styles of questions. Once again, the numbers are only around the number 10, as we need to make sure they are secure and confident before moving them on. However so far they have shown great confidence in Maths and seem to be really enjoying it, which is fantastic to see!

English this week has followed on with the story of Little Red Riding Hood. They have completed more activities looking at using adjectives and verbs to improve their writing. The children seem to understand what these are but sometimes need help with coming up a variation of answers especially with the adjectives, so this is something we continue to work on. The children went on to write up the story of Little Red Riding Hood on ‘posh paper’, these looked good and most of them remembered their basic punctuation of capital letters and full stops.

The afternoons this week have been filled with lots of different activities including some reading and phonics. The children have continued with history this week and have continued to compare old and new toys, which they love as they get the chance to talk about their favourite toys. They noticed quite a few similarities between some of the older toys to the ones they have now.  

Friday we had our Nativity day, which was rather exciting! The children looked amazing! We completed many wonderful activities all based around the Christmas story. The children got to cut out and sequence the story, which helped them to understand the concept of the story of what happened when Jesus was born. They also completed some colour by number activities and some drawings of their own nativity scenes, which looked great! They seemed to enjoy the busy day so that was good.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

From the Year 1 team